Get the Best Antiaging Treatment by Dr Arvinder Singh in Rajasthan, World Record Holder Cosmetic Dermatologist

Ageing is inevitable but looking old is our choice. One can not defy the number of years lived also known as numerical age but looking aged or older is multifactorial. It depends on quality of Skin, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, laxity, hollowness and underlying bones. There are various technologies which are helpful to delay the aging and reverse the process of aging.

Dr. Arvinder Singh is one of the most sought-after names in India in the field of Cosmetology, Aesthetics and Lasers. He is one of the finest experts when it comes to providing his clients with the best anti-ageing treatments in a safe and secure way.

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Anti Aging, Botox and face Derma filler industry is growing every single day. Dr. Arvinder Singh is master face injector from Sweden which is the testimony of being painless and precise for injection of face

While speaking about his anti-ageing treatments, Dr Singh shared, “It is important to understand that in the field of cosmetology it is important to stay aware of what is happening in the research world. I have always been academically inclined and that is the reason why I keep my clients aware of what all we can do.” He added that his center, Arth Skin at Udaipur and Jaipur is equipped with following options for Antiaging:

  1. Micro Needle Radio Frequency (MnRF) by Vivace
  2. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) by Doublo Gold
  3. Clear Lift and Clear Skin LASERS from ALMA
  4. Derma Clear from ALMA
  5. Mono and Bipolar Radiofrequency from ALMA
  6. Various types of chemical peels
  7. Botox, Face Derma Fillers and Thread lift by PDO Cog and Monothreads. 

Dr. Arvinder told that it is the combination of above technologies which provide promising antiaging results. Experts have to evaluate individual clients for making customized plan to rejuvenate and reverse the aging process. Dr. Arvinder Singh is board certified Cosmetic Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physician having special interest in antiaging treatments. He is gold medalist and world record holder and awarded by various forums especially National Award and State Award by Chief Minister and Health Minister of Rajasthan. Dr. Arvinder is certified from American Association, American Council, Canadian Board, United Kingdom Board, Sweden and German Academy. He is also the member of Indian Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

 His love for the industry has helped him to push the limits in the field of Clinical Cosmetology as a dermatologist as well as a trainer. Dr. Arvinder has recently established International Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetology and LASER (IAMCL). Dr Singh is passionate about his profession and expressed his desire to help the clients of clinical cosmetology with best quality and high standards of precision.

Dr Singh isn’t just a skilled doctor, he is also an established entrepreneur who has gifted the city of Udaipur with the Arth group of companies. You can learn more about his journey on his Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.