Roma Khanna, A Lawyer Turned Professional Makeup Artist.

We often hear about people who change their professions in the pursuit of seeking their passion. Today, we will tell you about a lawyer who quit her profession from black and white, to follow her colorful passion for makeup, Roma Khanna. Roma is a Noida-based makeup artist who is making a name for herself in the makeup industry with her skills and personality.

Starting in 2016, she is one of the best in her profession in Noida. Her love for color and makeup made her give up her law practice. “I did go to the High Court for 6-7 months, but my heart was calling out to pursue my other interest, make-up was my passion,” says Roma in one of her interviews.

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She obtained her law degree from IP University and started working with Hon’ble Justice Mrs. Prathiba Singh, Delhi High Court and Hon’ble Mr. Maninder Singh- Senior Advocate Supreme Court. But ultimately, she decided to pursue her creative side.

Often when someone decides to change their profession, it is hard to convince their parents about it. But not in Roma’s case. Her parents and family were and continue to remain very supportive and encouraging of her choices, both professional and personal. They even helped extensively to convert one of the garage rooms in Noida house into a Greek style makeup studio, just before the lockdown due to pandemic.

Her quest for her passion and the support she got is genuinely inspiring. All she did was believe in herself and her profession, which made her one of the leading make-up artists in all of Noida. Her love for colors and painting was her main inspiration for becoming an artist.

According to her, “I loved Painting. I started painting in school and then did so many classes with the best make-up artists worldwide, and then for me blending one shade into another made me extremely happy.”

Apart from painting, she also designed clothes for a year and a half and was good at it, but it didn’t please her as much as make-up did. She is known for her humble and calm demeanor. No matter how tough the situation gets, she handles it with utmost care and sincerity. Her clients have always been a fan of her personality and nature, as evident from the enormous praise she receives in reviews on popular makeup sites.

Working towards your interest takes a lot from you. And this is evident from the dedication Roma has towards her profession. She makes sure to deliver her promise despite all odds. She even traveled to Jhansi during her pregnancy for a client. How very devoted!

Talking about her favorite bridal look, she says, “My favorite bridal look for this season is blends of peaches and browns with a hint of golden or copper.” Ladies!… Do take note of this.

Roma’s journey tells us an important lesson about how necessary it is to listen to your instincts and break free from the conventional career paths to live a life of satisfaction and enjoyment. Changing ways will work for you if you believe in yourself and your compassion for your interest is as high as Roma’s. As for her, exploring her creative side and a knack for colors and painting was all it took to reach where she is.