Shopivana Website Builder – Launching New Website and Getting All Ready to Cater Different Industries

The changing landscape of the world due to the increased adoption of digitization has driven businesses to create an online presence, turning it into a necessity. It is one of the key factors contributing to a business’s growth.

With a vision to address businesses’ growing and diverse demands, Shopivana – Website Builder is gearing up to transform itself into an easy-to-use platform to assist businesses in accomplishing greater milestones.

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Having supported 12K+ businesses from 15+ industry verticals to launch their first website and create and boost their online presence, Shopivana is now moving towards updating its website builder to cater  the unique needs of businesses across verticals like  Apparels, jewellery, Fashions, Grocery, Corporate, Service offering industry and more.

“We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution in today’s competitive business landscape. With Shopivana’s new website look, we intend to offer additional services to our consumers in order to meet the rising demand from various industry verticals- be it a DIY model or Managed Services. In addition, we will launch a revised partner program for developers and agencies soon,” shared Aditya Kedia, CTO, Shopivana.

The end goal of this update is to assist clients to create websites without hassle with Shopivana – be it a static website, portfolio website, a fully functional eCommerce store, and more.

About Shopivana

Providing premium services to startups and MSMEs since 2021, Shopivana is India’s premium website builder – a one-stop solution for ecommerce business needs. It is a fully no-code platform that charges 0% commission on orders. All the essential features under one roof make handling an online business hassle-free. You can benefit endlessly from Shopivana’s marketing tools, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixels, and more. Shopivana enables entrepreneurs and people in business to manage and expand their business online across mobile and web in a few easy clicks, empowering them to win in the digital world with the right tools!