The Inspiring Story of Ashwin Ramlakhan Singh

Ashwin Ramlakhan Singh hails from a humble home situated in the heart of Maharastra, Mumbai. A serial entrepreneur that has been involved with SAP Projects and Application Softwares for over a decade now. He is one of the leading men in this industry and his climb to the top wasn’t an easy one. Let’s learn his story.

Ashwin had always dreamt of being financially independent just like any other youngster and thought he must do something about this goal that he had. He did no have anyone to guide him but, he knew he had to make something of himself and serve people simultaneously. Victory comes to those who will not take ‘no’ for an answer. He began reading up, studying and researching and had an enlightening of his own. This is his journey from an ex IBMer to a New Star into the Business World.

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A Jack of all trades is what you could call Ashwin. He has garnered an impressive amount of experience in this field by dabbling in all sorts of works. He not only has analyzed, implemented and controedl more then 17 different business development models, which helps IT, Outsourcing  to enhance their business skills with multilayer Analysis of different market approach but also, has helped filter the targeted business area according to resource capability and company expertise. He solves client’s troubles by providing unmatched services in strategy building, consultation services, digital, technology, operations, you name it!

When we had asked him how does he do it all? The aspiring entrepreneur said, “Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve”. This is wha he has followed in his life as well. After setting his mind on his goal he stayed determined and focused with as much concentration as Shiva would meditate. He worked and bested his own work. He consulted many companies for IT, Outsourcing, International marketing, E-Marketing, E-commerce, Conceptualization , BPI and Process Management.

Ashwin got discovered not only with the faith of his clients but also got recogniise and was honured with the ‘Young Entrepreneur’ award in 2020 and soon after the ‘Shinning Entrepreneur’ in 2021. In a span of two years he could shine through and show his capability. However, this only speaks for the experience he carries – a good 11 years in the business would surely do it! Being in this business is something in which you learn as you go and go on as you learn, Ashwin did just that and stuck on.

Today, Ashwin is not only a proud entrepreneur but also an an Angel investor, Blockchain Developers and a believer in himself too! If he can do it so can you! Teaching yourself something alien from scratch is one of the hardest things but, not to those with determination and talent, people like Ashwin will always strive forward and lead everyone else as well. Har Har Mahadev! Click here to know more about him and his work: