15 Authors Featured by My Authors’ Hub in the Best Books Category

Writing is an art, and we believe that some brilliant artists from different walks of life have beautifully penned down books. This list also includes Deblina Bhattacharya’s bestseller “Knots”

My Authors’ Hub has hand-picked fifteen authors from different genres. Our precious list also includes a Cardiac Physician!

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Dr. Subhasish Thakur is a Cardiac Physician based in West Bengal. His deep interest in Literature has facilitated him to combat pressure that tagged along with his stressful career and personal life and this made us include him in this list. He has beautifully penned down Waiting for a Norwester, Statues of Remembrances, and Twilight.

On the other hand, 

“Romi Dey has truly illustrated a piece of her soul through her poetry collection The Love Story of a Logophile.” says our jury.

Deblina Bhattacharya is an English Literature student by day, a professional dreamer by night, and a prolific writer by passion. She is a Mental Health Advocate and believes in using her words to spread awareness. “Her debut poetry collection, Knots, was an Amazon bestseller. Her second poetry collection, My Black Rose, was released in 2021.” Says My Authors’ Hub

Bajrang Sultania is a Financial Analyst at Deloitte USI by capital, Author by passion, CA (Finalist) by qualification, Co-Founder of ‘Khule Aam Bol’, Creative Editor of ‘FanatiXx, Stories Unplugged’, and a romantic heart healer. His recent book “Was She Mine?” is going to win your heart for sure!

Raza Qureshi, an IT Professional, has also penned down his wonderful Shayari’s in the form of Inara, which signifies A Ray of Light which wins My Authors’ Hub’s hearts for sure!

Sachin Sharad Parnerkar is also an IT professional. He dedicates his book Mr. Bhaskar’s Incredible Cycle Journey to all government officials, friends, and relatives who helped him throughout his beautiful journey. We at My Authors’ Hub find it wonderful.


Niriksha Patel, whose purpose lies in writing, loves articulating stories for kids that instigate positive thinking in them. Her Book Om learns gratitude and other Good Values will definitely change your child’s perception towards life. “Impacting a child’s life through this book is phenomenal” says the jury

Amit Matchell, a hopeless romantic in the wrong era, wants to create history with his musings. He believes that poems can tell stories – great words never said before! Check out his books Musings of A black heart and Ruminations of A KALEIDOSCOPIC MIND.

Phalguni Jagadeesh has similar dreams. She wants to contribute to Literature, making it richer with her fine work! She has received a ton of awards for her notable work. She has co-authored in various anthologies. Along with that, she has published her own books. Check out her book An Eternal Bliss.

Sagarika Priyadarshanee, an introvert by nature, finds solace in writing. Hailing from Odisha, her ambitions involve exploring the writing world. She is an author of Swirling Water and Lavender – a beautiful work of fiction. “Reading something like this could make an adult feel nostalgic to the emotions. And to teenagers it might feel like theirs someone who understand them very well.” Says Suryakant, who read her book.

Mahesh Kumar, a teacher, loves to inspire people through his powerful words. His Hindi Book Mod is a beautiful story between a teacher and a student.

Prerna Mehta is also a teacher. Her book Hidayat-e-dil is about a stage of life that everyone has to deal with that makes them what they are in the present. She has written Assessment for Learning too.

Saaraa Mohanty is a 22-year-old Chemical Engineering Graduate. Read her fiction book Is This Fate if you love to read about true love.

Bidisha Bhattacharyya, who’s also in her early twenties, has penned down a unique read through her impactful book, Flash Pack. Experience different emotions in a flash through this book. “A unique read,” said our jury

We also have Sanjay Shah, who is a judge and a graduate. He has documented his valuable inputs about Vaastu in his book Secrets of Vaastu.

My Authors’ Hub, in collaboration with Spectrum India, highly appreciates these author’s commendable work.