17-Year-Old Culinary Prodigy, Anaiya Naroola, Launches Cookbook “Keepsakes from My Kitchen”

New Delhi, Anaiya Naroola, a talented 17-year-old culinary prodigy, announce the release of her highly anticipated cookbook, “Keepsakes from My Kitchen.” At Kunzum Books Art Coffee, GK2, New Delhi.  This cookbook showcases Anaiya’s exceptional culinary skills and offers a wide variety of food for every mood that you find yourself in.

“Keepsakes from My Kitchen” is a comprehensive collection of recipes that reflects Anaiya’s passion for cooking and her love for exploring diverse flavors. The cookbook encompasses a range of meal options, ensuring there is something for every occasion and palate. From comforting breakfast dishes to delicious and hearty lunch and dinner recipes, readers will find a wealth of inspiration to elevate their culinary experiences.

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Anaiya’s creativity and culinary expertise shine through in her dessert recipes, which offer a delightful array of sweet treats for any occasion. Additionally, her collection of chilly treats, perfect for hot summer days, will satisfy readers’ cravings for refreshing and indulgent frozen delights. The cookbook also features a selection of enticing drink recipes to enhance any gathering or celebration.

For those looking for fun quick and easy snacking ideas, “Keepsakes from My Kitchen” provides a range of flavorful and satisfying snack recipes that are perfect for any time of day. Furthermore, Anaiya’s inclusion of Christmas recipes adds a festive touch to the cookbook, allowing readers to embrace the holiday spirit and create memorable dishes for their loved ones.

With each recipe, Anaiya offers clear instructions, helpful tips, and personal anecdotes that make the cooking process engaging and enjoyable. The cookbook is designed to be accessible to cooks of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned chefs, allowing everyone to explore their culinary talents and expand their repertoire.

Through “Keepsakes from My Kitchen,” she aims to inspire others and share her passion for cooking with people from all walks of life. Keepsakes from My Kitchen” is now available at Kunzum books art coffee, Amazon, Flipkart, Amazon Kindle, Nation Press & Google Play.

On this occasion Author Anaiya Naroola said “I hope that Keepsakes From My Kitchen will be an enjoyable treat for those who are in pursuit of figuring out the perfect combination and mix of acid, salt, fat, and heat, and even more for those who have a big appetite for the small joys in life.”  

About Anaiya Naroola

Anaiya Naroola is a 17-year-old culinary prodigy with a passion for cooking and a remarkable talent for creating delectable dishes. She is cofounder in Sewa Roshni Charitable Trust. Her cookbook, “Keepsakes from My Kitchen,” showcases her innovative recipes and diverse culinary repertoire, inspiring readers to embrace the joy of cooking. She has been involved with community service for several years, and is the Founder of Project Promise – a social initiative that focuses on promoting both mental and physical health and wellness in underserved communities across India. As a part of her initiative, she has worked to holistically educate people of the importance of meeting one’s nutritional needs, reducing stress and anxiety, as well as the benefits of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation.

She is most passionate about spreading informed awareness and de-stigmatizing menstruation and wishes to empower young women to act with agency and confidence. In August 2020, she launched an online fundraiser and raised INR 25,000 to promote menstrual hygiene and provided dignity kits that included sanitary pads, soap, water, and food items to 400 women in Kashipur and Ramnagar in Uttarakhand. Further, to bolster the positive impact of this initiative, she collaborated with AAN Charitable Trust to conduct an awareness program for girls on the occasion of Diwali at the Kavita Bisht Women’s Skill Center & Support Home helping them with the sales of diyas and Diwali ornaments. Further, in 2021, she raised INR 70,000 for providing covid-safety kits to the students at TARA, New Delhi. She also continually makes shareable digital content in Hindi to make health and nutritional information accessible for women from vulnerable groups in collaboration with Ficci Flo – an all-India non-profit organization for women, and is the author of “Anu Didi’s Monthly Visitor,” an age-appropriate children’s book designed to destigmatize menstruation in India. In addition to this, in October 2022, she partnered with EWA (Empowered Women’s Association) and Indians for Collective Action NGOs to conduct a campaign at the Jamrudpur Chaupal in New Delhi where she spoke about pertinent issues related to menstrual health awareness and sanitary practices with renowned activists and healthcare professionals.

She was selected to participate in “The Science of Food, Nutrition and The Biological World,” a credit-bearing summer course offered by the University of Southern California, where she explored concepts from biological sciences and expanded her understanding of molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, and nutrition. Currently, she is working with her mentors, Dr. Ishi Khosla and Dr. Gayatri Khosla, on an independent research project to study nutrition amongst children in India.