21st Century Indian Female Author Who Travels And Pen Down Her Proficiencies To Inspire.

Shivi Goyal’s travelling journey started when she was young, in her twenties. She discovered her writing junkie during her childhood. She was a bright student in her school and is a Gold Medalist in Honors Psychology. She realized the important aspect of the human mind and our emotions. Since then, her poetry and writings have been influenced by human minds, nature, women, and life lessons. 

She is a multi-faceted human being who is an inspiration to the millennials. Guinness book of world record holder and author of three books in her name – Guilt – Right or Wrong, Who Decides? We Decide! Words Unsaid… & Love vs= Weed and co-authored 8. 

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She is a member of several writing communities and has won numerous awards for her literary work. She writes about women, self-love, humanity, patriarchy, self-help, and more. She romances with her poetry, prose, and verses. She is a travel junkie who pens down her travel journals and blogs at www.spiritedblogger.com. She is the founder of Mystopedia Creations, a place that showcases handmade art with sustainability intact. She creates abstract artwork rich in culture, heritage, idols, human life, and more. A share of your purchase here will be donated to NGOs with whom she is associated and working. This is her way to pay Gratitude to the Universe.  

Her latest and honest book is about an emotion which we usually do not talk about in our lives. This sentiment remains hidden or shows it in vivid forms that direct our actions, eventually leading to distress and depression. She believes that obstacles are nothing but a barricade to human’s success. She shares the best practices about overcoming negative emotions, leading a life with happiness, finding love in what you do, self-development and giving an opportunity to manage anxiety and let go of others’ expectations. 

She keeps travelling to places to discover new horizons about unexplored destinations. For her, travelling is divine that leads her to the writings or travelogues in their pure form. She has a vision of world travel and penning down about all breeds and variety of humans and their experiences for the generations to get inspired. Gradually, with failures and learning, she discovered a new Shivi and a maverick soul within her. 

For her clients, she is a travel blogger/vlogger by choice, a digital nomad, life coach, artist, content writer, proud mom, and of course, a HUMAN who’s taking a path towards spirituality. 

Her journey as “Author On Travel’ with the “Guinness Book of World Records” has been a roller coaster ride. She quotes that this is something she has never dreamt of. It all started with a simple note from a friend, and she applied for the record. She attempted, and then the rest is history. It went with the association of Mountains Of India and Triumph Expeditions for the record attempt of – “Most photos of people mountaineering uploaded to Facebook in one hour.”  Shivi’s poetry and free-flowing verses have life and expressions that are usually not shared or said. Her book “Words Unsaid” consists of small quotes, poems, proses, and those related to these are short stories. The author herself designs the illustrations. Her first book, love vs= weed, is a short, tiny book on love poems that illustrates all shades of love existing in our lives. Her self-help book on Guilt is a chartbuster and excellent read. You can get to know her more and her work on social media platforms. She is always there to help answer your queries about writing, content writing, digital marketing, travelling myths, sustainability, and much more on Instagram (@authorontravel), Facebook (@spiritedblogger), or catch her on her website – www.spiritedblogger.com