300cc Bikes That Offer Good Mileage Under Affordable Price

A bike may be stylish and have the best features, but it is nothing without its engine. So, when buying your dream bike, also make sure you deeply research its engine’s power. And the power of a machine is directly proportional to its CC. It means 300cc bikes will be more powerful than any lower cc bike. 

But what is CC in a bike?

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All engines have a combustion chamber that burns the fuel in a cylinder. And CC is the capacity of that cylinder. It means the volume of air and fuel it can hold at any given time. So, 300cc bikes will have a higher capacity for burning fuel compared to other lower CC bikes. More fuel burned mostly translates to more power and higher bike performance. 

CC means cubic capacity and is one of the biggest differentiators when researching the market to purchase a dream bike. 

Now that we understand the role CC plays in adding to a bike’s appeal, let us get to the benefits of purchasing 300cc bikes: 

Performance: These bikes come loaded with features, andtheir appearance is also significant to the manufacturers. So, in addition to being attractive, they are high performers too. The 300cc bikes come packed with a potent motor and are an excellent choice for long rides. Since these bikes are a part of a premium segment, they offer comfort without compromising performance. 

Good mileage and sharp pick-up are unmissable in these bikes. 

Power: The 300cc bikes are powerful, futuristic bikes. They mostly run on a single cylinder but still deliver high raw power while maintaining fuel efficiency. These great cruisers and touring bikes give consistent power throughout the journey. They are a great companion on rugged roads and smooth highways. 

Mileage: The 300cc bikes can provide the best mileage and a wide torque range. They come with various features for off-roading and yet ensure good mileage and value for money. Moreover, these bikes are fun when riding at high speed. They come with a slipper clutch, which makes gearshifts easy and keeps up fuel efficiency. 

Comfort: These bikes are excellent partners on bumpy roads. Owing to their plush suspensions, one hardly feels the discomfort of riding them. Most 300cc bikes have a sixth gear that makes riding easy. The well-padded seats, saddle posture, and gear placement make time on 300cc bikes a joyous ride. The passenger also gets comfortable seating on the bikes. 

Safety: The dual-channel braking system and advanced discs in the front and rear make 300cc bikes the safest to ride. The bright headlights also add protection by making riding at night easy. 

Now that you know the benefits of having a 300cc bike, it is time to learn about varied factors to consider when buying a bike: 

Think about the purpose: How you want to use your 300cc bike should be your first consideration. It will account for things like duration of ride and frequency of use. If you have yet to set a specific purpose, consider that too. 

Budget: Finances are sacrosanct and cannot be overstretched. Therefore, you must decide on the bike based on the money you intend to spend. 

Comfort & safety: These are other essential factors. With the purpose and budget, you need to recognize the convenience they offer riders and passengers. 

Other critical aspects may be appearance, maintenance, and brand. 

Having learned about the 300cc bike USPs and factors to consider for the purchase, let us look at the best bike available in the market and the segment: 

Bajaj Dominar 400:

This powerful bike is available in colors like aurora green and charcoal black. The build of this over 300cc bike is made to dominate the roads. It has a liquid-cooled engine that helps maintain performance during long ride hours. 

Additional Features of Dominar 400: 

  • High torque range allows easy mobility through low gearshifts and helps fuel efficiency.
  • A sixth gear makes cruising relaxed at high speed. 
  • The over 300cc bike comes with factory-fitted accessories like a tall visor, hand guard, engine bash plate, USB charging port, leg guard, carrier + back stopper, navigation stay, and saddle stay, among others. 
  • Comfortable riding stance. 
  • Comfortable handling with the help of best-in-class forks. 
  • The slipper clutch adds to the longevity of the bike. 
  • Enjoy safety with the twin-channel anti-lock braking system. 
  • Safe night riding with the help of a white LED headlamp cluster. 

Ex-showroom Price New Delhi: ₹223,538

Final Words: Since the 300cc bikes segment is a niche marketplace, one needs to know the product and brand in which they are investing. Bajaj, a market leader, is known for its high-quality and low-maintenance bikes. Therefore, it would be a good idea to visit the Bajaj showroom for more details. Simply visit Bajaj’s official website and find your nearest showroom. You can check out the bikes and its specification on the website as well to help decide. Gift yourself a new bike without any hesitation!