32 Watts aligners a name to reckon with in Clear aligner Industry

From the time it started in 2017, 32 watts has created a credible name for itself in the clear aligner industry. The company began with an intention to provide quality orthodontic treatment using the latest cutting edge technology to the masses at an affordable cost that does not compromise on quality. Therefore, the initial years were focused on garnering trust from the patients by conducting 50 free trial cases. These cases marked the beginning of a dental healthcare revolution on a commercial level. 32 watts is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO: 13485:2016 certified company based in New Delhi. Render Wise Solutions has been certified by 3Shape, Denmark, in the treatment planning, model printing and aligner manufacturing category. Render Wise Solutions has a strong R&D based approach when it comes to the design and development of clear aligner solutions. Render Wise Solutions is conducting collaborative study with CDER, AIIMS, one of the most prestigious institutions of the country, on clear aligners. This study is registered with the National Test Registry of India. The team of orthodontists have been trained in Singapore and Denmark to deliver the best when it comes to aligner efficacy.

With a vision to substitute the traditional orthodontic treatment with an innovative device that is custom-designed for each patient made clear aligners a preferred choice of treatment for the orthodontists.

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32 watts penetrated the orthodontic market after realising that the patients were looking for an alternative to traditional metal braces for teeth alignment. As the metal braces were painful, fixed and aesthetically unpleasing, the solution had to be something that resolved these problems in entirety at an affordable price. Clear aligners was an available solution to it but the treatment cost made it a choice of only few. Then came 32 watts clear aligners, which promised the patients to offer clear aligners that were custom-designed, invisible, light-weight and above all completely affordable for everyone. The team at 32 watts comprises of more than 50 dedicated professionals whose expertise and experience have been utilised to make ’32 watts clear aligners’, a product of excellent medical and technical skills.

In short span of time 32 watts has not only built a strong reputation as a clear aligner, orthodontic solution provider but also as one of the most promising medical start-ups. In the October 2021 edition of Industry Outlook magazine, the company has been listed as the one of the ‘Top 10 most promising medical start-ups of India’. Render Wise Solutions is the parent company of 32 watts, which is a pioneer company in 3D printing technology. Render Wise received its first angel round funding from Unimarck Healthcare, a prominent pharmaceutical company in India. It has 20+ years of experience in manufacturing and marketing. With its vision to support promising medical start-ups and propelling ‘Made in India’  products, Unimarck Healthcare invested in 32 watts as it promises quality, affordability and diligence in serving the medical sector.

The core Team.

A company derives strength and credibility from its team. 32 Watt’s core team comprises of people who do not only bring expert knowledge and skills to the table but also an enduring passion to meet the company’s vision of serving the community with a world-class product.  Rahul Agrawal (Head-Technology), Dr. Nidhi Singh (Director and Head-Medical ), Sanjay Pathak (Head Sales and Marketing) and Dr. Varun Grover (Chief Orthodontist) and Ruchi Tayal Agrawal (Director& Head-Operations) form the core team of 32 Watts clear aligners. The team brings their expertise in different departments such as technology, orthodontics, 3D printing, operations, sales & marketing and research and development.

32 Watts is giving a tough fight to the existing aligner manufactures on grounds of raw- material, technical precision, treatment efficacy and patient’s treatment experience. The company sources only high-quality medical grade polymer for creating aligner trays and uses German technology for precise 3d printing and manufacturing of the aligners. To smoothen the treatment process, a customer relationship executive is designated for each case to deal with the queries related to the process and procedure of the entire aligner treatment. 32 watts clear aligners are soft on gums, light-weight, non-intrusive and virtually invisible which makes them the best alternative to traditional metal braces. The patients are given a full 3D preview of the treatment procedure and the expected outcomes. An exceptional amalgamation of world-class technology and medical expertise, 32 Watts has it all to adorn its patients with a confident sparkling smile!