5 Vaastu Tips to bring Good Luck to your home suggested by celebrity astrologer Samarpit Kanwatia

Celebrity Astrologer Samarpit Kanwatia recently spoke on Vaastu Shastra and its benefits and what can one do to enhance the living space of an individual.

Very clearly looking into few areas that can, for sure enhance ones happiness in a holistic and wholesome manner, he mentions them strongly as he speaks, “Vaastu Shastra is a unique combination of all energies to make a place more suitable to fulfill ones individual desires. It is also considered a historic science that places emphasis on direction and balance with the 5 important elements available in nature – earth, space, air, water, and fire. When the basic tenets of vaastu are applied in a home, a sense of all-pervading calm and balance is evident while the family experiences good health, wealth, and prosperity. Vaastu is not a magical science that can transform your life immediately. It has a quiet, yet powerful influence over time. Although several buildings are designed in keeping with the Vaastu requirements, there are still 5 tips you can follow in the way you design your home to ensure peace and happiness.”

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“Let us start off with the entrance- This is the primary area in any home and should be well-lit, clean and bright. The door should face north or east and made of solid wood. A nameplate can adorn the entrance but do away with any form of footwear as they hinder positive energy from coming in.

Now comes the second tip. Vaastu draws special focus on fresh air and natural light – both of which are deemed essential in any home. A large painting of a river, or goldfish or any source of water attracts plenty of positive energy so place the same in the north wall or with the base of north wall in the north east section of the house .Continuing along the lines of bringing in more positive energy, your best option would be to invest in a waterfall. Waterfall in a constant state of motion signifies a continuous flow of energy and wealth. It should be placed in the north-east and the water should always be clean.”

“Coming to the third tip, it is for the Kitchen, which is one the most significant space in any home and there should be a sense of balance there – as fire and water, which are two extreme and diverse forces, exist in this area. The sink and the stove should never be placed in the same direction and should be far away from each other. One should see to it that the kitchen is in the south east of the house and the stove is in the south east of the kitchen where when one is cooking is facing the east.”

“Now comes the fourth tip, it is for the master room or the main bed room. The bedroom is a cozy and soothing space that helps you unwind after a hard day. Paint the walls in light shades and if preference allows you then in aqua-blue color. Also one should remember to keep the furnishings minimal. The bedroom should ideally be in the south-west area of the house  and the bed should not be along the wall or in a corner. Allow fresh air and sunlight to stream in for atleast 20 minutes daily.”

“A small yet a very powerful fifth tip is to place Wind chimes to attract positive energy and the tinkling of bells is soothing to the ears while sparkling glass windows and doors carry a pleasant visual appeal. Any small space just outside the window in the north or the east of the house where it can be hung brings in a lot of harmony positivity and a feel good factor.” concludes Samarpitji

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