On the auspicious day of the 73rd Republic Day, The Youth Foundation in association with Charlie Chaplin Events conducted a drive in Sion at Shiv Kalyan Kendra (Cancer Patient Home). Our main aim was to help patients attenuate their mental stress.

TYF(The Youth Foundation) was established in the year 2019 amidst the lockdown with one sole aim to help the poor and underprivileged lead a better life. We aspire to bring about social changes for the betterment and progress of the society. We believe that we make a living from what we get but make a life from what we give. We identify the problems in the society and try to resolve them by conducting various drives. In future, we plan to educate those sections of the society which were left behind in the society since its inception and never enjoy the benefits that government has facilitated them with. We would also give our best to eliminate gender inequality and evil ideologies of the society.

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 Despite the myriad challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced, we adopted creative and innovative approaches to executing our missions. Our ability to continue to serve our communities is a testament to our passion, with the team members pouring their heart and soul into the organization. Mission, passion, will and determination have been integral to sustain over this pandemic. We have conducted various food drives and clothes drive as well. Prior to each drive, the location were thoroughly searched and visited by our core team. Initially we pitched in for funds and gradually we spread our word and got funded by individuals and private companies. We believe that Doing more with less is a badge of honour. After each drive evaluation takes place for comparison matters and feedbacks are taken in.

The Youth Foundation had recently felt the need to motivate and help the patients suffering from cancer in any way they can. So TYF along with 30 of its members visited Shiv Kalyan Kendra, a Cancer Patient Home at Sion. This noble cause was graced by celebrities like Jay Dudhane and Bhavesh Balchandani. The event started off with the flag hoisting following that was a magic show thereafter some dance performances. Anchor Tejas made sure to take hold of the event and keep the viewers entertained throughout the event. The Youth Foundation also organised lunch for the patients as well as their family residing there with the help and complete support of the helpers at Cancer Patient Home.

Jay Dudhane  and Bhavesh Balchandani said, “This session has been incredibly lovely; It has been an absolute honour interacting and connecting with The Youth Foundation and all the patients out here I am honestly very proud of the youth of our country who is ready to step up and help everyone around them to help them lead a better life. The brave hearts that work in The Youth Foundation truly deserve appreciation and love for their work in helping the underprivileged and be the change.” The event came to an end with the vote of thanks by the president of the youth foundation, Arpit Kakadiya.