A 100 Million. That’s how Moris Adam did it.

Srinagar: A 8-months old startup based in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, founded by a 22 years old, computer science engineering student, helping digitizing and leading the market, has become the youngest startup to be valued at ₹100 million.

Koshur Store, popularly known as “koshur” has become the youngest firm in Jammu & Kashmir to be valued at a mesmerising worth of ₹100 million. Founded months ago by Moris Adam, a computer science engineering student from Gulzar Group of Institutes, is swimming in investment offers.

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‘Koshur Store’ is the first, largest and fastest growing online shopping app in Jammu & Kashmir. While it is specifically catered to the audience of Jammu & Kashmir, but lately, it has been driving attention across the country. According to sources, “Koshur Store” receives twelve orders a minute nationally.

Koshurstore.com has become the leading and fastest-growing e-commerce portal across the state, bringing together vendors and buyers nationally with seamless delivery and customer service.

According to Crunch Base, Koshur Store has recently raised angel seed funding and has since grown exponentially. October 2020, Koshur Store reached the first milestone of crossing the valuation of ₹10 million. Since then, Koshur Store has been growing at a phenomenal ratio of 1080% per quarter and acquired multiple startups, including KhenOnline, Shoob, Davah & Groceries Daily.

Speaking to the founder and CEO, Moris Adam, He quoted, “All day what I do is solve problems, build technology. The major problems we face today is delivery, the delivery companies operating in Jammu & Kashmir are lazy and Koshur will come up with a solution soon.”

The Startup, Koshur Store has launched multiple partnerships with global brands and more, claiming to have recorded 10X growth in online sales from last year; Koshur Store is working on recording a 100X growth in 2022.

2G internet had no impact on the growth of this startup; kudos to Moris because, if you are not aware, he is known globally for his exceptional hand in technology. He is admired and is an icon for everyone who is in computer science. He is majorly into artificial intelligence, the web & services.

Speaking to him about his future endeavours, he said, “Every day I try to spend more time working towards my startup, where I was spending 15-18 hours every day, now it rached to 20-21 hours, exploring, developing, failing and what not.”

Moris has started to move his hands into the EV (electric vehicles) market and has developed Vertec Auto, the first company from Jammu & Kashmir to design and manufacture high-performance electric cars.

From Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, Moris has proved to a million youth that problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and other issues; despite the lack of good internet facilities, there is nothing that can stop you from succeeding in life if you are determined enough. He is a true example of success hitting you when you work hard for it. He has become an inspiration, idol for the youth across the country who want to become entrepreneurs and be successful in life.