A boy determines to be an inspiration for all by their hard work.

It all started on a day when he heard about Gurdas Maan from his friends that he was a good writer or lyricist. After that, he asked his father for “a writer or lyricist”. His father said the person who write novels, quotes and many more are writers and the person who writes songs is a lyricist. Then Shubi said, “why don’t you be a writer or lyricist”.Then his father said not every person is able to write songs. For example, you also can’t write songs”. Then Shubi decided to be a “writer or lyricist”. Then his father scolded him and said, “Go and focus on your studies.” After this incident, Shubi decided to be a writer and one day I will show myself as a writer. So, he chose a social platform to show his talent. He makes Instagram a way to write their quotes.

He started his YouTube as well. While doing his hard work, he meets two such good people that become his friends and, at that time, his music career has begun.

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Who is s4shubi?

Shubham Sharma (Born 4 August 2001), known professionally as s4shubi, is an Indian-born

Writer/Lyricist and Singer. On 4th of May, he chose the online platforms Instagram and YouTube to make his career and suddenly, in little time, he started gaining everyone’s attraction towards himself.

How did s4shubi become successful?

Shubi’s success comes from his ability to write that content which relates with his audience. He writes the real facts with the blessings of Lord Shiva. His words and compositions are highly engaging to people. He is very updated on social media and interacts with his followers. He mainly experimented with new ideas for their songs and to make their audience engaged and could feel it.

In addition to being an Artist, Shubi is also an expert in the technical field of software and hardware, because he is a Computer Science Engineer and a Motivator, which helps everyone to be set free from their problems and difficulties. If you are interested in his ideas, be sure to check out his profile on Instagram and, as you can also follow him on social media.

What are the Most Recent Tracks of s4shubi?

Some of the most recent tracks are:

– Chal Jaan De (Singer/lyrics/Composer: s4shubi)

– Bohot Cute 1 Min Music (Singer/lyrics/Composer: s4shubi)

– Black Praise (Singer/lyrics/Composer: s4shubi) Coming Soon

You can get in touch with him on all audio streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Wynk Music, or many others. He is verified on these music platforms. You can also find him on YouTube by searching – s4shubi. The shubi’s ability to work hard, believe in God and think outside of the box has helped him to move toward success. One more piece of advice from me: you must make true and good friends in your life. s4shubi has these three with him: Sandy, ShvmX and Mohit. Shubi prefers to be called an artist rather than a writer and a lyricist.  If you are looking for any type of motivational help or anything related to music as well to get the lyrics, s4shubi is definitely someone from whom you can get