A brilliant actor and producer, Shashikant Sharma has started his journey towards the awaiting stardom.

The entertainment industry is a completely different universe in itself, a contrast to reality. Many people wish to make a career in the entertainment industry while only a few leave a remarkable image here. One of them was #ShashikantSharma who was born on 15th March 1994 in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. His father was working as an army officer which explains and influences the major decisions #Shashikant took during his working life. His father was very supportive to every decision he made and respected the opinions of his son. This tremendously helped him with the confidence he had while working. Throughout his childhood, he got to live in different cities and study in many schools since his dad’s job transfers happened quite often. This opportunity of living in different cities unveiled the beauty of different cultures and witnessed the vast diversity of the country which greatly influenced his thoughts.

#Shashikant developed an interest in acting and resigned from his job as an engineer to pursue a full-time career in acting. Starting as a stuntman, he later auditioned for a movie and got the chance to star in “#Risknama” which ultimately presented him as a very talented and fresh face of the industry. #ActorShashikantSharma has been involved in many movies, short films, songs, production, and direction.

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He has played an important role besides the Aashiqui movie fame, Rahul Roy, in the #filmSmileHeart. In the movie, #SmileHeart he is playing the leading role of a silent lover and is the associate director of the film, production and post-production services by Imperial films and studio. He has played his role as Kartik in the series, he is also the director and producer for the web series “#Sandook-EkRahasya” available on Amazon Prime. The film is produced all by #ImperialFilmandStudios in collaboration with professional and talented Bollywood and Hollywood artists and teams. He played the role of a sarpanch and was involved in activities during post-production and pre-production in the serial “#FarshseArshtak” which streamed on DD Rajasthan, played the role of the second lead named Vivek in “#YeKaisaPyaar” and has also actively contributed to the making of “#MatchofLife”.

He is the founder of “#ImperialFilmandStudio”, a Delhi-based filmmaking company, operating throughout the country. Having work collaborations with the famous actors from Bollywood and Hollywood, #ImperialFilmandStudios has been setting up a new example for creative and influential work. The company believes in presenting the real emotions into the reels and creating a beautiful whirl of overwhelming emotions.

Currently, the company is off to initiate a project on the occasion of Pitambara Mata Prakat Utsav. Some of the Upcoming projects by the company which is currently in the stage of pre-production are  “Human 1.1” (movie), a web series named, “Survival: Explore the thrill”, and Loop ( a short film) while 5 Hollywood movies stand in the queue. During the shooting of the film “Maskal”, the studio helped with the production services.

 The company vows to work on its slogan “we feature the future” and wants the company to establish itself as a remarkable film studio in the international market. Improving the quality, effective image, and efficiency through its works, #ImperialFimsandStudios is determined to bring a huge difference in the entertainment industry.

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