A Captivating youth-appealing sacrosanct, our SWAMI PRIYAMJI

Journey of Vedas to the youth guidance, a blissful personality dedicated to the wellbeing of society & nation. Celebrating his 23rd birthday, let’s wish him good health and blessings for his vision.

India has a rich cultural and religious background. Vedas being the oldest religious texts, composed in Vedic Sanskrit, depict the oldest layer of Sanskrit literature and the oldest scriptures of Hinduism. In ancient times, there were around 1000 Indian philosophical institutions that were spreading knowledge about Vedas. But now, there are only three institutions left that still impart authentic knowledge on Vedas.

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Many people are eventually getting inclined towards understanding Vedic theories and principles, which has led to their regained importance in today’s world. Those who are truly invested in it are diligently working towards spreading awareness and knowledge about Vedas to the common crowd in simpler ways.

One such pioneer who has dedicated himself to this completely is Swami Padmapriyacharya Priyamji. Popularly known as Swami Priyamji, he left behind all the materialistic values of life at the young age of 7 and decided to study and learn more about Vedas. He spent five years in a Gurukul (Sama Veda Kauthum branch) and mastered the knowledge of Sama Veda, which is one among the four Vedas.

He has been putting a lot of energy and effort into promoting the importance of Vedas among the youth as he considers that leading a Vedic life can bring in some drastic physical, emotional or mental changes in life that is essential for human beings. He has dedicated his life to serving society by the means of spreading the knowledge he has gained over the years. A firm believer of complete dedication to one’s dreams to turn them into a reality, he often stresses the power of consistency and concentration. He has truly become an inspiration among the Indian youth as he encourages them to believe in themselves and follow their passion in life. His guidance in every front helps the youth to dedicate their lives to the wellness of society & human beings.

Apart from the support from the Government, many influential celebrities from various industries such as Bollywood, Politics, Sports also support him in reaching out to the public and spreading the wisdom about Vedas.

In his meeting with India’s Ex-President Shri Pranab Mukherjee, he discussed particular Vedas in detail. Shri Pranab Mukherjee was very well impressed by the knowledge he possessed about Vedas and also motivated him to travel around India and abroad to share his in-depth knowledge of Sama Veda with the young generation. Since then Swami Priyamji has been traveling to different places and has spread his words to innumerable people across the globe. This is definitely a huge contribution to preserving Indian Culture.

He is also an active participant and supporter of the Indian army and also performs the Shanti Yagya for soldiers and to impart strength and heal their families.

As there are very few institutions left that teach about Vedas in their essential form, Swami Priyamji is constantly trying hard to reach out to more and more people to enlighten them with the knowledge of Sama Veda. He believes that it will certainly help people in becoming wiser and do better in life.