A combination of Red Coral & Pearl can boost your Health and Wealth says celebrity astrologer Samarpit kanwatia

Samarpit Kanwatia is a Mumbai-based acclaimed celebrity astrologer with experience of more than 20 years, having numerous clients throughout the world. His dealing with multiple clients, which include successful personalities from different professions, has made him well researched to deliver his clients whatever they expect of him. His clients, irrespective of their different castes, religions, and nationalities have always benefited from his knowledge. He has intense knowledge of Vaastu and Numerology and while consulting a client he likes to mix Astrology, Numerology, & Vaastu, positioning superior guidance, offering a more wholesome and productive result, to his client.

“There are precious stones available in nature – all beautiful and known for their aesthetic appeal. But corals and pearls stand out among the rest. 

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These are the only purely organic stones and are not derived from any minerals present in nature. Pearls come from the oyster while corals originate from coral polyps in tropical and subtropical oceans.”

“Gemstones are powerful in themselves but if we can combine these two as per one’s astrological charts – red coral and pearl – what you get is a powerhouse of energy! Red coral, or Monga as it is known in Hindi, is closely linked to planet Mars and epitomizes passion, attitude, and strength. An astrological chart with a strong presence of Mars indicates that a person will make bold decisions and stand by them. A red Italian coral worn as per one’s charts is most favourable.”

“A go-getter, street-smart attitude is synonymous with every successful businessman, and they stand to benefit by wearing this gemstone. Its revitalizing and rejuvenating effect is also evident. Those in the field of businesses such as Software & IT or any heat-related products certainly stand to benefit as the wearer of red coral will bring fame, wealth, recognition and stability.”

“Indian Vedic astrology places emphasis on pearl’s association with the moon and water, which is known for its calm, compassionate, and creative characteristics. An individual with a balanced moon birth chart is likely to possess the aforementioned traits in addition to being blessed with a happy family.”

“Those in the field of businesses like Water, Perfumery, Incense sticks or professions such as acting or photography stand to benefit wearing a nice pearl.”

“Red corals and pearls may appear diverse, but form a potent combination; they are a part of cordial family groups. Both have intrinsic hot and cold properties respectively and those in the right planetary position need not fear harm. The red coral-pearl combination has a positive impact on the health of the wearer as well. Keeping throat and blood-related ailments away and providing sound mental containment for being able to make better decisions as businessmen or as high positioned professionals whilst enjoying sound health are some core benefits of these two stones.”

“Before you decide to wear one, consult an experienced astrologer who can assess your astrological chart and recommend if you should wear this combination. Just like any other gemstone, corals and pearls are unique and can exert a positive influence on an individual’s life if you wear them after consulting an astrologer.”

“They however do not guarantee that you will be successful and lead a happy life always. The basic tenets of life such as patience, hard work, positivity and generosity are of prime importance. Wearing a gemstone is a key ingredient in the recipe for happiness and at the most act as a motivator to achieve your dreams.” concludes Samarpit Ji

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