A for AI – a collaboration between MylanguageMyLearning and Literacy India for a brighter future for all.

“Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can choose to change the world. “-Nelson Mandela. However, presently, access to this weapon is a luxury for many. Approximately 150 Mn children in India are not able to afford and access quality education. The impact? 33% of our children in India are not able to dream. The only solution to do away with this magnanimous problem is to make education affordable and accessible to all. With this vision in mind, a new age AI-powered ed-tech startup named MylanguageMylearning has partnered with Literacy India, a pan India NGO working for the marginalised communities, to bring new age and futuristic technology-based education to children across six schools in India. 

MyLanguageMyLearning or ML2 is India’s first-ever zero-touch ed-tech platform driven by AI that teaches a student as per his understanding level and in a language they want to. It gives impetus to learning in native languages that increase creativity and critical thinking skills in students. The platform creates and modifies the content in real-time as per the student’s cognisance, thus keeping a child engaged. Its mission to make education affordable to the marginalised communities of India and beyond congruences with the vision of Literacy India, whose aim is to make the people from these communities self-sufficient. Literacy India is focused on bringing about a qualitative change by providing holistic education and making sure it reaches one and all. It has pioneered a new model of education which combines typical classroom sessions with environmental learning, nurturing untapped talent and allowing it to realise its full potential. Through its projects, Literacy India constantly strives to create an encouraging and empowering environment where underprivileged children, women and youth are provided opportunities to build their personalities and hone their skills.

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With this common vision in mind, Literacy India and MyLangaugeMyLearning embarked on a successful collaboration to teach and train 60 kids from 6 government schools across India in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, designed by ML2 for kids in Hindi. The partnership started on the eve of National Education day with the flagship event “A for A.I”, which introduces kids to the aspects of A.I. The event was hosted online and attended by 100+ kids across various schools. The event started with a virtual address from the founder and trustee of Literacy India, Indrani Singh. She encouraged the children to grab every opportunity they get for such futuristic courses. 

The event then kickstarted with a mini interactive session on the childrens’ interests and aspirations. The ML2 team provided them with live use cases on how AI was being leveraged for the same. A little video introducing the concepts of AI followed this, which increased the excitement amongst the children. The children even played a live AI-driven opera and met with FRIDAY, ML2’s AI-driven cognitive bot that teaches the students in a never seen before way. The hour also saw a live session from Mr Satya Prakash, India Craft’s Project Director with Literacy India, who emphasised how knowing AI and ML is critical for a brighter future. The event ended with a cheerful note from all the tiny audiences. Some were selected who will pursue the AIML course in Hindi with MyLanguageMyLearning in the upcoming months. The course is designed to enable the students with hands-on experience in mathematics, statistics, python and concepts of AIML along with real-life projects in the same domain. The course will be taught by the teachers of ML2 who have experience in the autonomous vehicle industry and have worked with companies like Audi, BMW, Facebook, Vodafone, etc. 

The event was executed by ML2 with their media partner Cursor Technologies, with a ten-day social media campaign on how AI is critical and needed for the future. It ended with a broad smile and twinkle in the eyes of the young learners that showed its time to change from “A for Apple” to “A for A.I.”

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