A fresh look at the fashion world with purfle.fashion

Change is the very core of evolution, and is necessary for the living to move forward and make an impeccable impression on our daily lives.

The fashion industry is nothing but the same. We need to stay updated and be creative while bringing in the solutions for people’s buying habits or any fashion troubles. That’s the philosophy of Purfle that follows and maintains to sustain the fashion industry.

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Around 2 years back, Mr. Amir came up with the idea of creating an online platform that can help enthusiastic trend-conscious customers to get personalized outfits that can be fully customized according to one’s personal choices and habits without actually having to visit the store and bear with a waiting line along with the ready to wear outfits that are predesigned for any occasion or events.

Purfle is designed and directed by Mr. Amir Tamboli and his team in the year 2020, with the bearing of the creative approach to guide young entrepreneurs and create a platform based solely on the fashion enthusiast.

This mesmerizing plan was given an ideal shape with excellence and practically approached by Purfle co-founder ‘Mr. Rameez Tamboli’ (an IITian from Hyderabad)and ‘Mrs. Nandini Banerjee’ has further executed plans and strategies to achieve the goal of making fashion and luxury easily accessible for all. 

The creative approach of Co-founder & Sr. Fashion Designer ‘Ms. Nikita Lohiya’ has helped Purfle to create a unique identity that makes it stand apart from other platforms

Purfle has its own sponsored brands to provide the online customization service, also it approaches young designers and boutiques to join with which provided them the little nudge in their fashion business. Eventually, Purfle made a platform for fashion institutes and academies as well to create the self-sufficient fashion empire under the same roof.

Now with the efforts of our COO ‘Ms. Nikita Girase’ we have successfully collaborated with many celebrities and brands that helped the business to reach a new hike through Purfle Collabs.

Purfle fashion CEO. ‘Ruby Siddiqui’ has been constantly making efforts for bringing new ways of reaching out to grow with Purfle Alliance for a convenient buying experience for small or large scale businesses.

For the customization and exclusive product development and production, company CPO ‘Rajashree Dandge’ executes perfect quality check controls and creates an easy system for the team to manufacture the design for our customers.

“We are keen to make a creative platform that connects businesswomen, upcoming entrepreneurs, designers, influencers, celebrities, and the fashion experts to build a community that helps shape the fashion in the world of tomorrow.” Mr. Amir added, “we have created an open stage for the young minds and fashion entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and create their own following by blogs, styling tips, and guides and create a system that helps build their future.”

With separate sections and browsing accessibility of tips, blogs and styling guides, the fashion Monthly E-magazine issue of ‘Preface’ by Purfle is planned and executed by CW & Head Academia ‘Ms. Anshul Waghmare’.

Purfle has taken into consideration every aspect to make your shopping experience smooth and convenient. From browsing through hundreds of styling guides and tips to a personal fashion expert that guides you on what suits you better for a particular occasion just a click away. Purfle has reliable services that solve any of your shopping queries with a consultancy team available for you 24/7 with quick response and reliable guidelines to help you navigate. We also have a dedicated team for providing you with home consultancy and designing and manufacturing outfits for the whole family or a crew for any special events or occasions.

Purfle is now expanding to create an online learning platform where more than 15 new courses are added in an affordable fees structure. New creative approach towards teaching, the applied method to do well in the fashion industry as the competition is always going up and above. Purfle fashion academia is expanding and connecting with foreign universities to emerge and bring their certification courses available for the young learners of India.

Purfle is not only providing a reliable source to enhance and update learners’ knowledge and understanding of the fashion industry but also encouraging young and creative minds to work on innovative projects where the outstanding creations of students and designers will be recognized and rewarded through Purfle Auction.

Purfle is coming up with new and exciting features that help every person related to the fashion industries to the fullest and help them fill in the gaps that the institutes and academies leave behind.

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