A musical boy on his successful journey

Rounak Singh is an Indian musician hailing from Madhya Pradesh. He is currently active in the music scene of Chandigarh and Punjab. However, his band Ascube Boys has performed across India, including Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Kolkata, Uttarakhand, Bangalore, etc.

His new upcoming song named “Chaniya Raatan” will be released by the first week of January. This is the second song by “Together album,” which is written by Apish. The singer and music composer is Rounak Singh. It is a symphony mixed sad song.

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A musical boy on his successful journey

Rounak Singh: Interest In Music

One of the leading singers in Punjab, he is known for his broad genre of performances. Although he came to Punjab to study IT, his gradual inclination towards music turned into an enduring passion and love for performance and music.

On being asked about his transition from IT engineering to the music field, he says that the change did not happen overnight. He started writing in his school days, without any preliminary plans of entering into the music industry. However, he started learning to play guitar in Chandigarh itself. Further, he also knew about more technicalities of music, and by the time he found himself comfortable composing pieces, he started making plans to release his songs. Among the Chandigarh Musicians, there is a good amount of bond, which helps them explore opportunities for performing and music.

More on Rounak Singh Music in Chandigarh:

During the initial days of his decision to pursue music as a full-time profession, he received little criticism and a lack of support from his family.

“This was majorly due to lack of earning opportunities,” says Rounak. But as time passed and Rounak’s craft became more refined with few songs’ release, his family finally agreed to pursue music full time. His father allowed him to make music only if he completed his studies without any drop.

To this day, Rounak has released many songs and is quite an established performing musician in Chandigarh.

Scene among Chandigarh Musicians:

In Chandigarh, he has been performing in various clubs, events, and cafes. Some of the famous venues he has performed in are Elante Mall, BoomBox, Mafioso, Finch, Glades Hostel, The Raw Studio, and more. Chandigarh is a place full of opportunities for budding musicians, and if there are a couple of self-composed songs lined up for the release, the exposure becomes easier. The same holds for Rounak Singh as he got several opportunities with the passing time. His success broke barriers soon when he started performing for big corporates, namely NDTV, India 24×7, Dainik Bhaskar, RedFM, 94.3 MyFM, and the list goes on.

Rounak Singha for his audience:

On being asked more about his journey along with a strong, Rounak Singh says that significant setbacks in life are the ones that make you stronger. As far as challenges in his music journey are concerned, he says that challenges are a part of life, and being in a field like this, challenges are the stepping stones to fulfill your dreams.

His YouTube channel, raw studios, has all the updates regarding his upcoming. Of all the songs, the song “Baby” is already available on the track. Despite nonhealing from a professional background, the common interest in music has kept him going in the music. Here are a couple of songs that Rounak Singh has released as his projects.

  • Koi Vi Nahi(May 2018)
  • Superstar(Oct 2019)
  • Chal Ja (Dec 2020)
  • Baby(2020)
  • High End(2020)
  • Baat itni si hai
  • Together
  • Maa

The story of Rounak Singh can be an inspiration for all those who are looking forward to making it big in the music industry. Being an independent or a collaboration artist, the number of challenges to be faced are almost the same sort. People manage their livelihood and their musical dream, and therefore, not giving up becomes a must to keep the attitude.

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