A Step Toward Excellence, Vriksham and Women Empowerment

Vriksham, being a sui-generis brand in its industry, excels with the motto and its name of being a ‘Tree of Jewellery’ that proffers the elements of happiness and prosperity alongside every piece of artwork that is delivered all across the globe. The genesis of Vriksham stems from the year 2017, when the founder, Mrs Vaishnavi Raghavan, laid the foundations of this journey with a firm resolve whilst juggling a full-time job as a software engineer and her newly founded business. 

The fruits of labour finally started reflecting post her marriage when the couple strived to make the business successful. Even in the face of challenges while being swamped with longer working hours and limited accessibility, the roots of Vriksham flourished enough to bode results. However, upon the rise of the pandemic, they faced a challenging environment in the initial phase, just like every other business did. But with diligence and a glint of hope came a turnaround, as with the tragedy came a boost of online shopping that enticed people to shop more. Vriksham had evolved from a mere start-up to a full-fledged brand that was preferred not just by people across India but even by Indians living in different parts of the world who buy from us.

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Amidst Covid, Vriksham elevated its advanced graph to the stage where it crossed a customer loyalty base of 100k on trending social media platforms such as Instagram. It was also the phase where Mrs Vaishnavi managed her business and was pregnant simultaneously. Embracing her passion for the dream company she envisioned, she quit her full-time job. She determined to pursue her business by channelling all her energy and time into it. 

The solidified vision and the endeavours of Vriksham’s founder have been a concrete pillar for the entire team of Vriksham that has led to the road of prosperity. As per the entire team, which comprises only women, the founder, Mrs Vaishnavi Raghavan, has been a beacon light for every woman who aspires to reach greater heights and has been the ideal example for sowing the seeds of ‘women empowerment in this ever-changing fast-paced world of professionalism. One such instance is when despite her 5th day of the post-pregnancy phase, she was on her feet when the business demanded her urgent attention. She balanced both the avenues of Motherhood and as a women entrepreneur with dreams and the will and penchant for actualizing them. In her own words, Motherhood should improve a woman rather than hinder her journey. 

According to her, Vriksham is at its current stage, owing to all the sacrifices, hard choices, diligence, and belief, that she, her husband, and her team of women made for the scaling of the business. Vriksham ships more than 1000 + orders globally on a monthly basis in more than 80 + countries, despite having small and humble beginnings. The former is evidence of how what could achieve greater heights even from the lowest point of life. Parallel to spreading love among customers, the team of Vriksham also actively involves themselves in social activities and causes. A few such scenarios are when the entire team celebrates ‘Earth Day’ by planting several samplings across the country and even volunteering to help families impacted severely by the pandemic. They donated a portion of their profits to contribute to society and such families. 

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