AAP takes first step for their promised  ‘corruption free Punjab’

Bhagwant Mann government took strict action against corrupt clerk

First action taken on complaint received on the number issued by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann: Malwinder Singh Kang

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Bhagwant Mann’s ‘One MLA, One Pension’ formula is commendable: Sunny Ahluwalia

Big decision of Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann regarding proper use of public money: Sunny Ahluwalia

Chandigarh, March 25,Taking strong cognizance of the complaints received on the number issued by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann to root out corruption in the state, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government has issued orders to register a case against a clerk of Tehsil Office Jalandhar. AAP spokesperson Malwinder Singh Kang and State Joint Secretary Dr Sunny Ahluwalia informed the press about it in a press conference. AAP leaders said that the Punjab government is continuously taking public-friendly decisions and today Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, making a big change in the formula of pension to the MLAs, announced ‘one MLA one pension’ to cut down multiple pensions of MLAs. Aam Aadmi Party warmly welcomes this commendable decision of Punjab government.

 Addressing the journalists during the press conference held at the party headquarters on Friday, Malwinder Singh Kang said that AAP’s national convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann had promised the people during the elections that after the formation of AAP government, corruption will be eradicated from the state. Following which, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann had issued the Anti-Corruption Action Number on the Shaheedi Diwas. He had appealed to the people to complain about the demand or taking of bribe by the government employees on this number. Kang said that a complaint was received on Anti Corruption Action Number against a clerk of Tehsil Office Jalandhar demanding bribe to get the job done, taking immediate notice of it the Punjab Government has ordered to register a case against the alleged clerk.

Malwinder Kang said that the Punjab government, led by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, will not tolerate corruption at any cost and that the corruption run by the alliance of leaders and government employees of the Akali Dal and BJP governments, including the Congress, will be completely eradicated. Curbing corruption in the state will increase the income of the government. Kang said that promising to make Punjab corruption-free, the government has taken the first action today and will continue to take immediate action on such complaints in future also.

On this occasion, Dr. Sunny Ahluwalia said that Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has taken a historic decision by making a big change in the formula of pensions being received by MLAs and ministers. Now an MLA will get only one pension. He said that the decision of the Punjab Government was laudable as the people of Punjab had been demanding for a long time to discontinue multiple pensions of MLAs. This decision will save the government about Rs. 80 crore in five years and this money will be spent for public welfare.