Aayush Upadhyay has Signed a new film Ishq Thoda Thoda.

A well-known actor Aayush Upadhyay did the last film Secret Pocketmaar which will be released soon Aayush has been inclined towards acting since he was a child. His parents have always been constant support that has led him to pursue his passion into a full-time profession. Today, he has become one of the youngest and leading names in the film fraternity with a bundle of talent and skills. The actor has also worked in some of the most promising movies like Rishtaa and much more. He has also done many state-level drama theatre shows and uncountable stage performances that have garnered immense love from audiences all around. 

Aayush Upadhyay has signed a new film named Ishq Thoda Thoda. This is being produced under the banner of Radhe Mohan Films Production Company and Produced by Mrigendra Upadhyay. 

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Aayush said for the film that he feels so proud of himself because he got the chance to do the second Bollywood film as the lead actor.

Aayush Upadhyay, this youngster, only 20 years of age, hails from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He can’t contain his excitement for his debut film to release soon. He plays the lead in the movie. According to the teaser, he is seen as a suspicious character. He makes sure to keep the audience hooked till the end by taking them along a journey with him in the movie and making them a part of the story that will unfold in this action-thriller, proper Bollywood film.

 Aayush Upadhyay has emerged as a young talented individual creating strides in the entertainment industry with his impeccable skills and talent.

Today, he is an inspiration to many youngsters, and his journey is a real example of hard work and dedication. Currently, he is focused on building his career and refining his skills to bring out the best in him, both as a human and a profound actor.

The Secret Pocketmaar was written and directed by his father, Akhilesh Kumar Upadhyay. The screenplay and dialogues are beautifully done by Mohd Ateek, under the production house Radhe Mohan Films. The teaser has created a lot of excitement in the audiences who have found it very interesting and are looking forward to its plot unfolding.

If we talk about Ishq Thoda Thoda, Akhilesh Kumar Upadhyay has also contributed to writing this film. 

Akhilesh Kumar Upadhyay said that Aayush is a real actor who never likes to play drama because he loves realistic acting.

The upcoming movie successfully has held on to the audience’s attention through its teaser. Also, it showcases the prowess of the lead actor Aayush Upadhyay, who started his career as a child artist in film projects. Bagging a lead role in a promising subject like The Secret Pocketmaar comes as a blessing and a great opportunity for the young actor to prove his mettle as an artist in the industry.