Abhiishek Mohta has been making rounds on instagram after a reel crossed over 10 Million views

Abhiishek Mohta, a successful personality whose perseverance has inspired several people all over the world, has also become one of the most viral social media celebrities in recent days. 

Abhiishek is a huge name in the film industry, he has been the casting director, and has even enjoyed acting with unique roles in an array of films.

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This multifaceted personality has a huge fan following on social media too. His reels and his content have always been the topic of interest among youngsters. One of his recent reels, crossed the 10 Million Views mark on Instagram. The reel is captioned ‘When you are enjoying your personal space and someone disturbs you’ with funny music to go along with it. It is truly an amazing feat. 

His fun loving attitude and his generosity towards the people who like his content are the two major reasons why Abhiishek Mohta has received such grand embrace from the youth that make up a major part of Instagram.

Abhiishek Mohta has over 50 thousand followers on instagram and his content gets shared far and wide quite fast. Within a day or two of him posting a new reel, it already reached unknown corners of the world and received a hundred thousand views in a snap. 

Abhiishek Mohta is originally from Delhi. He has made a name for himself in the industry. His recent debut song, ‘Tu hai Wahi’ went insanely viral over YouTube and for reels on Instagram. He has worked as the Associate Creative Head for the Color’s Tv mythology show named ‘Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran.’ In the show, he was responsible for simultaneously managing the Casting Department for which he is assumed to be one of the top people in the industry.