Abhisek Meher – Inspiring journey of a 23 years old the talented VFX Artist

With the change of time and the advent of technology, the visual effects Industry is evolving. No doubt it is challenging that involves creative thinking, story-telling and the use of innovative technologies and media tools. With the increase of 3D films, the demand for visual effects artists is also increasing. Talking about one such VFX artist Abhisek Meher who with the specialization of 3D modelling, animation and concept art with the combination of creative and technical skill sets came out on top.

Growing up in Odisha, Abhisek used to spend most of the time in theatres watching movies and thus Abhisek had developed an inclination towards Visual effects. With a thirst for learning deeply about visual effects, Abhisek did thorough research on YouTube about visual effects and enrolled himself in an institute to gain an understanding and knowledge of VFX. As he began learning he went on to become a well-known computer graphics, Animation and VFX artist by on-boarding prime clients like Pixar. He has worked for a short role as a VFX artist on various Bollywood movies like Ra One, Magadheera and many more, besides several small animation projects.

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As a professional VFX artist, he provides a plethora of services like cleanup, wire removal, rotoscoping, matte painting, set extensions, compositing, beauty, titling, and colour gradation. Being a passion-driven artist Abhisek ensures to push himself to upturn his level of creative and artistic output. He has worked with various small and big clients across every department which helped him to gain a myriad of experiences. He takes every experience as a learning opportunity as he remained intact with his dream and a passion to pursue. Today as a solopreneur, the prospect of creating interesting artwork drives him to ensure that his vision is executed properly.

Being born and brought in Odisha Abhisek has completed his high schooling from his village Belpara in Balangir district. He has completed his graduation from Balangir district and completed VFX from an institute specializing in his art of animation, design, illustration, painting, drawing and photography. Abhisek’s journey since childhood was never smooth and straightforward, though started from a humble beginning now there is no looking back. Started with passion and now a profession Abhisek’s story is the live example of a creative and innovative soul.

With an ability to create and implement high-quality VFX Abhisek has a strong understanding of Linux/Unix based computer operating systems and seamless integration of live-action, miniature and CGI sources. His strong visual awareness and artistic ability, excellent interpersonal skills, lateral thinking skills, and enthusiasm to learn and develop professionally stand him apart from the noise. He has a vast Knowledge of 3D animation software such as Houdini, Maya, 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D. Being expertise in the composting process Abhisek has the ability to undertake blue/green screen extractions using Photoshop or similar. His good communication and organizational skills make him a great team player. He possesses the exceptional trait of a good sense of timing and a thorough understanding of techniques and technologies relating to physical simulation in computer graphics. With an eye for details, Abhisek has the ability to follow production methodologies and develop creative approaches to problem-solving.

Abhisek Meher, with a strong sense of passion, revolutionary mind and confidence made himself a source of inspiration for aspiring artists. He values everything in his life as he believes that there must be a source of intelligence for them. Being a good learner he influences people to persevere and pave a path for themselves. It was his strong determination; ardour and diligence that helped him reach greater heights. Abhisek is looking forward to collaborating with more clients shortly.

If you are keen to draw like a pro and master the art of 3D and visual effects, head towards the social media profile of Abhisek Meher and gain experience and knowledge of a professional VFX artist, make yourself prepared to work in the Film Industry.

FACEBOOK PROFILE – https://www.facebook.com/abhisekmehers

FACEBOOK PAGE – https://www.facebook.com/abhisekm.36

INSTAGRAM – https://instagram.com/abhisekmeher

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Youtube – https://m.youtube.com/c/AbhisekMeher