Absolute Shawarma: Most Profitable Fast Food Franchise Option with Low Investment

One of the industries with the fastest current growth is food franchising. The market for food franchises has expanded significantly in recent years. Experts estimate that over the last few years, the global market for food franchises has increased to Rs 938 billion. There are numerous reasons why business owners are actively considering entering the franchise market, including the fact that the brand is already well-known and that there is no need to spend a lot of money on significant advertising and marketing to sell the company’s goods and services. A benefit that also saves a lot of time is not having to start from scratch.

Here, we’ll outline “Absolute Shawarma,” one of India’s well-known and rapidly expanding

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fast-food franchise chains, which launched in Bangalore in 2017. Absolute Shawarma began as a modest operation with a tiny staff. At this point, it has established a presence in more than 20 cities, owns 50 or more locations, and is still expanding throughout the country. Because of the many shawarma varieties it offers, Absolute Shawarma is well-recognized and popular. It offers more than 5000 different types of shawarma every day and has an incredibly limited selection of edibles on its menu. The following shawarma varieties are produced by Absolute Shawarma: Arabian, Whole Meat, Mexican, Karela Parantha, Special Spicy, Falafel Rolls and Balls, and Classic & Peri-Peri Fries.

The foundation of the ultimate Shawarma Franchise system is a tried-and-true recipe for success. The risk of running one’s own business is decreased by the Absolute Shawarma franchise model. They give the franchisor a chance to develop his company on Absolute Shawarma’s reputation as a long-term business partner. Store formats have been developed according to the city’s profile and the location where they want to roll out the stores. Depending on the potential of the market and after consulting the franchisor, all of their models have a “Delivery Module” option. Absolute Shawarma offers the franchisee the option to begin investing as early as 5L with a gross margin of 55% and a net margin of 25%. Additionally, Absolute Shawarma offers their franchisor technical support for customized store designs and layouts, a full set of operating manuals for pre-opening and daily operations, lists and specifications for equipment, furniture, fixtures, and fittings, business analysis and evaluation based on historical sales, ongoing training as and when agreed upon between the parties, and ongoing market research, development, and insight.

In conclusion, the food business is among the most lucrative industries with healthy profit margins. But creating a new brand and making it successful requires a lot of time and effort. This time to profitability is shortened when a well-known brand is franchised. However, it would be in your highest interest to do your research and comprehend the foundations of opening a restaurant franchise. Franchising with Absolute Shawarma is a wise decision. It’s pretty self-explanatory!