Ace Dancer Soham Bhuva is soaring high with his marvellous dance moves.

Indian Dance reality show Super dancer – 4 contestant Soham Bhuva from Amreli, Gujarat has won millions of hearts with his astounding performance and variety of dance forms.

Soham has had firm hands in dancing for four years and has been in this field in full swing. He has appeared for many auditions in the dance reality shows and eventually got selected in Super Dancer season 4 after clearing various rounds of auditions. Having been selected for the TV round, Soham had pulled up his socks and performed phenomenally with his jaw-dropping performances during the show.

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His passion for dance has been noted with his slaying performance that has inspired millions of fans worldwide. Compliment and blessings from the judges such as, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, famous choreographer Geeta Kapoor and renowned Bollywood director Anurag Basu encouraged him to excel at a great height in the dance. His sharp dance moves, expression and enthusiasm, have left the judges and the audience impressed. The judges were even seen playing Garba with Soham and her mother. He was lauded for his attitude to never give up, which motivates him to reach higher in life.

His zeal and dedication towards dancing were noticed by Sunny Waghchore, who is popularly known as the Golden guy of India. Soham had a fruitful meeting with Sunny and performed in front of him, where Sunny was astonished seeing Soham’s moves. Besides this, Miss Guddu Rupani, awarded as the youngest entrepreneur, was also present and appreciated his dance and passion for it. This has motivated Soham to take his art of dancing to another level to emerge on top, even on an international level. He is sparing no effort to count himself in. Sanjay Gujjar also appreciated Soham’s dance performance.

He has also been a part of the dance show ‘India’s Next Image’ held in Madhya Pradesh, where young Soham gave a tough competition to all the other participants in the reality show and was declared as the winner of the show. His excellent skill and talent in dancing know no bounds. He has a magic of entertaining the audience with great surprise in each performance. He continues to shine with his exceptional dance moves and is working very hard to make himself even more capable after his glorious victory in ‘India’s Next Image’. He feels immensely grateful and fortunate enough for having met the most remarkable person Sunny Wagchoure.

His stunning dance performance has always enthralled the audience. This has earned him to earn accolades with his powerful performances. His passion for dance is the live example that he was born to dance.

Every person is born with a unique talent, and Soham, too, realised his inborn talent to adapt to different movements and dance styles. He kept his dream intact and followed his passion that made his spirit fly. His true determination and dedication to dance have indeed inspired aspiring dancers all across the globe.

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