Afzan Hasan aims at a better India through his endeavours

Afzan Hasan is a very young entrepreneur in Nagpur (Orange City). He Is Getting More Popular Day By Day For Lifting Up People’s Courage To Grow On Social Media And Sharing Ideas To Generate Passive Income Through A Smartphone That You Are Using. He Was Also A Brilliant Student In His School Life And Always Took Part In Extracurricular Activities Such As Science Experiments And Playing Cricket. Now, he is getting in touch with successful social workers and politicians as well to help the society and bring happiness among poor people. C.P. Amitesh Kumar Is Also Coming In Front As A Determined Personality And A Very Helpful And Friendly Police Officer. He Is Always Invited To Schools And Colleges To Share His Successful Life Experience, And He Inspires Students With His Motivational Words. His Aim In Life Is Just To Help As Many Citizens Of India As He Can Without Getting Any Credit. He has been working day in and day out to help such people with resources, food, water, and also masks and sanitizers during the pandemic. Speaking on the same, he says, “If Through My Work And The Small Deeds That I Do For The People In Need I Make A Difference In The Life Of Even One Person Positively And It Encourages Them To Take A Step Forward To Pass On This Goodness Among Others, That Would Mean Success To Me.”
In his free time, He manages and handles his family business Shital Buildtech as well.
One More Interesting Fact About Him Is That He Is In Touch With CM Of Maharashtra Shri. Eknath Shinde Ji And Road And Highways Minister Shri. Nitin Gadkari Ji And Many Officers Invites Him To Places To Meet People And Motivate Youngesters.
Afzan Hasan Is Truly Someone To Take Inspiration From!

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