AKB Developers & Promoters – Acing the domain of the real estate industry in South Chennai.

Real estate industries are known for giving a tough fight to other competitive domains in the modern economy. Real estate giants have imprinted their demand in the business world with their visionary minds and unrelenting outlook. Moreover, real estate has gained the position of second largest employment generating sector. 

Meticulously working towards achieving their client’s satisfaction has been the prime goal of their well-known business enterprise. They have become a renowned name in real estate for doing topflight businesses for the last three decades. Now and then, the organization is in the limelight for its astounding projects stretching from residential to commercial and has ventured into plotted developments and commercial developments in the last few years too.

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Journey to success

AKB Developers & Promoters have succeeded in proving their value from time to time.

Having an industry experience of 31 years, firm director, K. Ashok Kumar has mastered their proficiency in architecture and construction. Their business journey started with their grandfather, who got into the business of Finance and Jewellery in the 1950s. Once the company began to make a mark in the market, the whole family invested their time and took it to new heights. 

In the year 1990, K. Ashok Kumar ventured into the real estate business with his cousin uncle and launched the first project in Chromepet with 16 units, and it was a great success. With only minimum funding in hand, Ashok Kumar said, “We could only do one project at a time. Only after we were able to sell all the units could we buy new land and continue with the construction. With years passing by, we went on from doing one project to seven projects at a time with the increased sizes of the projects, and that wouldn’t have been possible without giving the best quality and, most importantly, giving good after-sale service in all aspects to all our customers.”

Chennai had been booming mainly in the early 2000s, with the IT sector entering Chennai. In the city, they went on to create landmarks and garnered customers’ attention with every project. After their continuous growth and after completing 85+ projects with 1200+ happy families, in 2018, AKB Developers & Promoters started looking to expand their current business portfolio, which included residential apartments to a different segment of real estate Plotted Development, Villas, and Commercial.

With South Chennai being their niche market, they said they wanted to launch their first plotted development project and commercial project in and around the South Chennai region. They later said – “we shortlisted few properties and finally purchased a land parcel of size 2.5acres extent for our plotted development project and launched our first commercial project in Pallavaram with reputed banks as our tenants. Regarding our planned development project, we were the first developer in the locality to offer amenities like Solar Panel Street Lights, Black-Top road, Drainage Lines, and so on for families who wanted to build their homes immediately. This strategy helped us garner customers’ attention towards our project- AKB Greenfields. ” 

 Akshay Bohra – who leads the sales team & Aashish Bohra – who leads the finance team, said – With the collective effort by both the sales team and finance team, we could sell the entire project in a record nine months. Our strong market presence in the South Chennai region and the fantastic effort put in by our very own AKB Family – “The Sales Team” had helped us a lot in this journey. 

Passing on the legacy

Talking about their work, K. Ashok Kumar said, “The organization should always operate on the philosophy of building happiness alongside building homes because happiness is what completes a home. And, over the years, we were successful in bringing happiness to people’s faces by constructing their dream houses at competitive prices without being able to compromise on the quality.”

Establishing themselves in the industry across many years, K. Ashok Kumar feels that it’s time for their fourth generation, Aashish Bohra & Akshay Bohra, to continue the legacy of our real estate business. With these young lads, the future looks bright and full of opportunities, with both being eager to take the company to new heights with their innovative ideas and fresh look & approach towards the market.

 Speaking about their next generation, Mr Ashok Kumar said, “Both of them have special knowledge and expertise in every field like finance, sales, and purchase. And, I am confident because I have seen their hunger to improve in all business segments. I strongly feel the company is going into good hands, and I am a proud father while saying it.”