Akeer is going to release the rap video “Dhara Waleya”, But before that, he will release the audio of this song on all music platforms.

Akeer will soon release his brand-new song, “dhara waleya” which will surely to become viral on Facebook and YouTube. and it is said that he has made this song for his god, in such a way it can be seen that Akeer is singing many types of rap songs but at this time its totally different from all his songs.he enjoys it so much.

Rapper Akeer believes that whatever he has been able to achieve so far has been possible only because of God.Akeer has composed this song on the real incident of his life.When he was hospitalized, he was remembering God again and again.He had decided in his mind that when he would be all right, he would make a song for his god.

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And the same thing happened, he got well soon and he composed a song for God, some lines of which he had composed in the hospital itself.

Earlier Akeer used to believe less in God. But when he slowly realized the power of God, he completely merged in devotion.he believes that God has cured him completely.

Akeer never gives up because he feels that if he keeps trying, then one day God will surely give him success.He has got all that he used to ask from God since childhood.God’s blessings have always been on him. His Kulisht’s name is Dhara Wale.He has a lot of rituals for God, which he has always been performing.

He had an interest in music since childhood but he had a wish that he would sacrifice his music for God and that is why he made this song.He had an interest in music since childhood but he had a wish that one day he would sacrifice his music for God and that is why he gave this song to god as a gift,He loves God very much and always wants to live with his blessings.

He says that he will make many more songs for God. He has also composed many songs for Bhole Nath,

Which he will release soon. Some of his songs have got millions of views and he believes that they are all God’s grace.He will release a rap for Bholenath on the coming Shivratri.Slowly his channel is doing well on YouTube and he says that he will continue to release songs continuously.Whenever he is in any trouble, he remembers only two, one God and one his parents.

Soon he is going to release this song with the blessings of God and parents.

Akeer will release this song in November. And this is his personal favorite among all his songs.He believe the song may be a hit or not, but it is not a song for him, it’s his feelings which he has created for his god with his true contemplation.

Akeer will release this song on his YouTube channel “Akeer”.