Akshobhya Bharadwaj – The story of the iconic Male Kathak dancer whose accomplishment is an inspiration to many

Dance is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words, and there is undoubtedly a magic in dance that allows nothing to exist other than your body moving to the rhythm of the music. Akshobhya Bharadwaj is a choreographer and Indian classical dancer who is continuing on the magnificent legacy of Kathak with his sensuous and lyrical dance form with love and passion, reaching the heavenly ardour and the human side with his sublime gestures and movements.

It goes without saying, Indian classical dances – are celebrated across the globe for their enriching and mesmerizing virtuosity and are performed as much for entertainment as for the spread of cultures and knowledge. Born and brought up in Orissa, Akshobhya Bharadwaj through his various Dance styles like Garhwali, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, and Chau (Orissa dance) moves offers a glimpse into the history, performance, attire, comportment, and musical accompaniments that give colour, form and rhythm to these cultural legacies.

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Akshobhya Bharadwaj, who is at the core of the new generation of Kathak dancers, embodies the ancient art form’s future. Akshobhya began his career with Lok Nritya at a young age. His love of Indian dance styles inspired him to embrace Indian Classical Dance as his path to a new life. His enormous talent and passion to study diverse dance forms were only stepping stones on his path to becoming a genuine Artist. He not only adopted the dance forms, but also greatly showcased his ability through his own choreographed programs.

Needless to say, Kathak is one of the most beautiful dance forms, and it has been the pride of India for years now. Akshobhya Bharadwaj has been a fantastic maestro s who has been extravagant in his pursuit and has been an absolute pride for the citizens of India. Although Kathak as a dance form originated from the Hindu temples of the north, it slowly got spread to other parts of the country, where Akshobhya Bharadwaj’s dance was welcomed with open arms in the countries like Malaysia, Srilanka, Denmark, Thailand, and Bangladesh.

Claim to Fame – Akshobhya Bharadwaj

–        Identified by the INDIAN COUNCIL FOR CULTURAL RELATIONS as a Teacher & Performer to represent India in Malaysia.

–        He has been a guest faculty for Art Village, Mumbai, and catered to various special causes of society.

–        He is trained under Kathak Samrat- Pandit Birju Maharaj and her lineage famous dancer Sushri. Shashwati Sen in various workshops and programs.

–        He also performed on International Platforms and represented India in countries like Malaysia, Srilanka, Denmark, Thailand, and Bangladesh.

–        He has earned national and International recognition for exemplary performance as a dancer and choreographer.

–        He has acquired the titles of Nritya Shri (Banaras) and Shringarmani (Mumbai) for his extraordinary performance and contribution towards Kathak Dance.

Akshobhya Bharadwaj began his education at Bhatkhande Hindustani Sangeet Mahavidyalaya under the guidance of Guru Late Madhukar Anandji and subsequently continued his education at Banaras Hindu University, where he earned a three-year diploma. Along with this, he received his Visarad in Kathak Dance and Classical Vocal Music from Prayag Sangeet Samiti in Allahabad. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at Sri Sri University in Cuttack.

Email: abharadwaj28@gmail.com