Alisha Begum: Illuminating Lives Through Words and Wisdom

A recipient of consecutive accolades – “The Best Mindful Educator Award 2023” and “The Precious Gems of India Award 2023” – Alisha’s impact is widely recognized. Her romantic fiction novels, coupled with her transformative coaching, have made her a beacon of inspiration.

In the vibrant tapestry of talents and aspirations, Alisha Begum stands as a vibrant force, defying norms and reshaping the boundaries of possibility. A powerhouse of creativity and compassion, Alisha embodies the roles of a novelist, poet, Books Reviewer, Books Judge, Spiritual coach, and a Healer. Hailing from the city of joy, Kolkata, India, her journey is a symphony of cultural richness and individual brilliance.

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Her academic journey took her through the corridors of the University Of Calcutta, where she majored in English, only to venture further into the realm of spirituality with an Advanced Diploma from CTAA, a Growth Mindset from the College of London, and Energy Healing from the University of New Mexico. Certified in areas including REBT, Treating Depression, and Managing Stress and Anxiety, she holds a coveted spot within the International Association of Therapists and is among the top coaches at Coach Foundation.

Alisha’s global presence as an Author and International Spiritual & Growth mindset coach is a testament to her relentless dedication to unleashing human potential. Guided by her passion for aiding others, she taps into the realm of the subconscious mind, making tangible differences in the lives of countless lives.

Alisha’s writing carries the potency of inspiration and insight. Her debut novel, “His Possessive Love,” ignited critical acclaim and resonated profoundly within literary circles. Her words have an uncanny ability to touch hearts and leave readers pondering the deeper meanings of life.

Currently crafting the sequels to her novels “Love 24 hrs” and “The Breathing Earth,”. Alisha’s spiritual books, including “Love Yourself a little More,” “Be the Unstoppable,” “Let’s Learn Gratitude,” “Love and Gratitude,” and “Ahavah,” are already revered by her clients.

In a world where innovation and empowerment converge, Alisha Begum stands as a guiding light, illuminating lives with every word she writes and every life she touches. To unravel more about Alisha’s extraordinary journey, explore her website: or follow her on Instagram @alishluv7.