All you need to Know about FIF, FIF India, and its President Harminder Dulowal

The Fitness International Federation is a platform and a community that supports sports, fitness, and bodybuilding in different nations. Although it was founded by a number of nations, the FIF has its headquarters in Singapore, with Dennis TEW as its president worldwide, Harminder Dulowal as its president of India, and Manvir Mander as its international athlete director. FIF has supported numerous athletes over the years by holding international bodybuilding and physique championships for men and women in addition to other prestigious competitions around the globe.

Harminder Dulowal is an International vegetarian Bodybuilder from Kapurthala Punjab. He is an athletic Coach, nutritionist, and the president of a prestigious federation of bodybuilding, the Fitness International Federation (FIF). He is the owner of Red Gym and the founder of the fitness Brand “King Nutrition”. He has trained over 200 international-level athletes, including men and women bodybuilders. He has judged 4 international bodybuilding competitions and under his leadership India has won 19 Medals at the FIF International Mortal Battle 2022.

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With its headquarters in Singapore, the FIF (Fitness International Federation) was established by a number of nations. Bodybuilding, fitness, and sports are the focus of FIF, which informs its audience about current events, updates, special occasions, and more. They take pride in being a friendly, welcoming environment where people of various cultures can mingle and communicate. Over the years, FIF has helped numerous athletes by hosting prestigious competitions around the world in addition to male and female international bodybuilding and physique championships.

Claim to Fame – FIF (Fitness International Federation)

For the first time, FIF has made history by hosting the FIF mortal battle in Malaysia on 10th December 2022 where India Wins 19 Medals at FIF International Mortal Battle 2022 under the leadership of Harminder Dulowal. Mr. Dennis Tew, Mr. Manvir Mander, and Mr. Harminder Dulowal’s contribution to FIF International Mortal 2022 made it a huge success. The previous events hosted by FIF include FIF Asia Novice Championship in 2019, FIF China Championship in 2020, FIF International Athlete Membership in 2019. FIF Dennis Worldwide classic PRO/AM is the upcoming event that will take place on 18th Feb 2023 in Singapore.

Awards and Achievements earned by Harminder Dulowal

–        Mr. Asia Gold Medalist

–        FIF International Judge

–        Asia bronze Medalist

–        All India intervarsity Silver Medalist

–        Mr. World South Africa 2015

–        Mr. Asia 4th in Singapore 2016

–        All India Bronze Medallist

–        Punjab Icon Award

–        Mahaguru Award

–        Honorary Doctorate Award

Harminder Dulowal’s participation in the Mr. World competition, where he won Mr. Asia, marked the beginning of his bodybuilding career. He traveled to Singapore, Dubai, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and other nations during this glorious period. He finished his bodybuilding training in Singapore, and soon after reaching this goal, he received the honor of serving as a judge for the FIF (Fitness International Foundation). He was qualified to serve as a judge for an international platform like FIF because of his unwavering fairness, openness, and sincerity as a bodybuilding judge, as well as his commitment to high standards of professionalism.

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