An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but SRL Diagnostics believes, A visit any day keeps the dentist at bay.

They say your oral health reflects the quality of your overall health. It is necessary to keep your teeth in check not only to stay healthy but also to flash your smile with confidence. The folks at SRL Diagnostics get that and want to help you protect your set of pearls. They had recently collaborated with Clove Dental and together organized a Dental Camp in Delhi.

They set up this free dental check-up via this campaign in the bustling city of New Delhi. They were stationed at In Rama Vihar, Rohini, Sector 39, New Delhi, for the entire day on 26th February 2022, attending all the walk-ins. Let’s learn a little bit about the Clove Dental. They have the largest chain of dental clinics in India and have some of the best dentists on board to get you the smile you deserve. The Dental clove not only offers treatments but also channels its talents and skill to the masses. They have already conducted several dental programs in the past and now have done it again. They believe not only their patients but everyone deserves good healthcare.

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This camp was helped set up with the significant visionary eye of the Director of Interglobal Solutions, Mrs Shweta Sinha. Under her wings, all the ongoings went on smoothly. However, Mrs Shweta adds, “I’m happy for another successful camp drive, but it would not be possible without a team spirit. Many people aided in this grand success.”

In doing so, she refers to the Business Development Manager Akshya Nayak, who envisioned the whole drive and saw through it till the end, The Manager Mr Aadesh Rathore without whom such a hectic day could have gone berserk, A Phlebotomist and Expert Ms Anjali Parjapati, who, with her hands on deck approach eased everything. The beautiful sleek graphics made by the Manager at Clove Dental, Mr Sumit Gupta, the reason for which so many turned up and the one with whom any of this almost wouldn’t matter, the general dentist from Clove Dental, Dr Monika, for her excellent service.

SRL Diagnostics is one of the leading diagnostic chains in India. They also believe in providing the best healthcare to their patients and have a dense network of labs all over India. It only makes perfect sense why they both have collaborated on this public service initiative. SRL Diagnostics, when not imparting philanthropic deeds, is busy testing and providing you with the most trusted results. 

SRL Diagnostics has over 400+ labs all across India and treats every test with utmost care and deliberation. They have top-notch equipment and professional and lab experts who are empathetic and understand your needs. Your sampling and results will be given utmost care and secrecy. They maintain a hundred percent transparency policy with their customers. The Folks at SRL Diagnostics add, “What’s yours under the microscope is none of anybody else’s business, and we intend to keep it that way.” They also have radiology and wellness centers of their own. They are accredited by NABL, and this is where you know you can trust them.

Similar to the success of this free dental camp, many other events/camps are hosted by SRL Diagnostics. Do not miss a chance to jump on the next opportunity. For any Diagnostics Test, Contact SRL Diagnostics at # 8700448568

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