An customised homoeopathic cure that can heal any disease holistically.

Dr.Raj M Bondre, MD (HOM), BHMS (GOLD MEDALIST). Advanced Homoeopathy Master’s course (MCAH). He earned a Postgraduate Diploma in Emergency Medical Services (Symbiosys Pune). He was born and raised in Jalna and earned his Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery degree from MaharashtraUniversity of health sciences Nashik, Maharashtra, India.

Since his undergraduate days, he had a strong desire to learn homeopathy, and this desire pushed him to acquire quality, excellent homeopathic practice from stalwarts from various locations. He learned from many doctors in Aurangabad, Sangli, Mumbai, Goa, and Bengal.

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He completed the prestigious Masters’s Course in Advanced Homoeopathy at “The Other Song International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy.” He learned many skills, such as case taking, Homeopathic repertorisation, sensation method , classical method and how to achieve flawless simillimum in a short period in acute, chronic, coma, cancer , paralysis , gangrene very grave diseases, and pathological cases. Etc

He began his professional practice in October 2015 , has experience of treating over 10,000 patients in 7 years of clinical practice in Jalna, Maharashtra And patients from all over world

His success rate in his practice is now 70%, which he hopes to increase to 90% by making an effort to learn about the latest developments and research in homeopathy daily.

Dr. Raj Bondre is a worldwide Homeopathy doctor who treats patients not just from his hometown of Jalna, Maharashtra, but also from all over the world, including Canada, Brazil, and the United States. He treats patients with autoimmune disorders ranging from gangrene to chronic skin, gastrointestinal, and neurological problems.

He was just named best homeopath of the year by legendary cricketer Sunil Gavaskar. Dr. Raj Bondre thinks that patients should be treated holistically. Given that the core cause of sickness. It might be connected to their stressful life events, traumatic events, or physical factors.

He also addresses the psychological part of human physics and looks at dreams, anxieties, traumas, nature, rage, emotions, and sentiments that are said to probe the patient’s subconscious. Along with physical characteristics such as thirst, bowel movements, if he feels hot or cold, dietary preferences and dislikes, and so on.

Dr Raj believes in saying , “TILL THERE IS LIFE, THERE IS HOPE.”

He stresses that, whatever the ailment, the patient should not give up hope of recovery. There are several therapies available in the globe that might assist the patient in dealing with his ailment. And, without a doubt, homoeopathy has an answer to every sickness known to mankind up to this point. We provide conventional homoeopathy to the needy while striving for perfection in our job.

He also treats all intellectually challenged, autistic, cerebral palsy, and developmentally delayed children at no cost at the clinic, with a vow to make 1000 such children’s lives better to see a smile on their parents’ faces, as this therapy takes at least a year to see results.

Dr. Raj Bondre is determined to help his patients recover from their illnesses by using the finest available treatments in homoeopathy in the world for them.

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