An Exclusive Interview with S.S. Gill, from Gill Sir, on IELTS and its ins and outs

Gill Sir shares information on IELTS and its ins and outs disseminating advantageous information for the IELTS test taker.

Q: Is vocabulary very important in the IELTS test?

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A. Vocabulary is considered very important for IELTS exam preparation by most IELTS tutors and coaching centers. But that does not hold good and is an overrated issue.

Q. Which is easier, IELTS or TOEFL?

A. There is no need for comparison between the IELTS and TOEFL, both tests are very good. Your choice of country should affect what to choose among them, not which one is easier or more difficult—IELTS or TOEFL. We do not consider it to be a study abroad test strategy.

Q. Is the IELTS home edition good?

A. We do not recommend home tests for students at present.

Q. What is the stress level of the IELTS test?

A. 2022 saw the suicide of two students in Ludhiana and Bathinda, news about which was published in the Hindustan Times and Tribune. Not only IELTS, but the entire educational system, is under scrutiny. Previously, we only heard such things for 10th boards.

Q. What kind of tips and tricks do you have for IELTS test takers?

A. Tips and tricks do not work unless students have good English basics and a good command of the English language. We do teach important strategies for the IELTS exam.

Q. There are also tests like Duo Lingo, PTE, and TOEFL. How can a student choose a test for study abroad preparation?

A. English language tests are competing among themselves, and become a struggle for the students who opt for them. Usually, we advice students according to their need.

Q. Can a student go abroad without IELTS in a country like Canada?

A. IELTS exemption is not always recommended. You must exercise extreme caution when making such decisions. We do not recommend without IELTS strategy to anyone for Canada student programs.

Q. Can students choose IELTS to improve their English or choose a spoken English course?

A. IELTS is not an English improvement or advanced English course. It is a wrong conception.

Q. In Punjab, there are IELTS preparatory courses, some even introduced by the government. What do you think?

A. IELTS preparatory courses and classes are an experimental idea. We do not suggest it to our students.

Q. Which one is better? British Council or IDP?

A. British council is not into IELTS test today. The British Council had some issues, like their refund policy and changing exam dates, which was not the case with IDP.

Many entrepreneurs were insecure when IDP took the monopoly but everything is fine so far.

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