An interview with Raghav Binani about his role as Mandy in Colors’ Pisachini

The young artist is all about his love, madness, and pure skills in acting and creating an incredible artistic craft of his.

Among many things that have attracted the attention of people all over the world, the continual rise of a few individuals, primarily from the younger generation, has garnered the most attention. Across different fields and sectors around the world, these individuals have consistently demonstrated their capabilities and potential to further excel in their respective fields. Moreover, the younger generation today is much more aware of what they want in life and in their careers, which has enabled them to make gigantic strides in everything they do. 

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In contrast to reality, the entertainment industry is a completely different universe. Only a few people leave a remarkable image in the entertainment industry. Originally from Bikaner, Rajasthan, Raghav Binani is a young actor. Raghav is one of those guys who always believed in doing something creative and unique outside of studies. There are very few people who are blessed with the talent of acting. The combination of passion and practice can make you even better than your competitors.

Raghav discusses his role as Mandy on Colours and Voot’s Pisachini TV show in an interview.

Please tell us more about your character?

~I am playing Mandy he is Pisachini’s assistant. Rani gives him power so that he can transform from a frog to human anytime. He spies for Pisachini and helps her getting what she wants.

How did you prepare for your role?

~I saw a lot of supernatural shows in order to understand it and when I fully understood it. I was behaving like the character.

What challenges are you facing while playing Mandy?

~Honestly I did not face any challenge because I prepared for this role very well.

What do you have to say about your co-actors?

~It’s so much fun to perform with Nyra Banerjee not only is she a fine Actor but also a wonderful human being, it’s so much fun to be around her. Most of my scenes are with her only. Rest of the cast is also very nice.

If not Mandy, who would you have played rather?

~ I don’t know because of my curly hair Mandy was the most suitable character for me. As an Actor I am willing to play any character that has been given to me.

What do you have to say about director?

~The Director is a very fun loving person. He explains the scenes very clearly. He is very very passionate

How was your first day on the set?

~When I came they had shot for like 15 episodes already so everyone knew each other very well and had become friends but the cast and crew has always been very nice to me.

How your day does starts?

~ I usually get afternoon shifts so after I get up I do little exercise and go straight to the set. On my way I think like the character and what he can do today.

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