Ansh Kashyap is a famous Indian actor, writer & director

Ansh Kashyap is a famous Indian actor, writer & director who is known for his movies & music videos. Ansh Worked with many big celebrities like Tanishq baghchi & his work was acknowledged by Uttar Pradesh’s former chief minister Akhilesh Yadav.

Ansh is from a very backward area of Uttar Pradesh. He is from Mahoba, Bundelkhand. Today he works in the film industry but he does not belong to any big movie family. Ansh comes from a very humble background yet he achieved a lot of things in the industry & in future, he is coming with his new movies & music album.

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Sometimes god decides your destiny, back then when ansh was young, seeing movies was not a cool thing for his belonging. Moreover, his mother was a teacher in a government school that’s supposed to manage discipline at home as well. ‘Panch Pandav’ was the first film that Ansh showed in the theatre when he was in 3rd standard. 

After that Ansh was just obsessed with watching films in the theatre. He used to watch movies in the theatre after coming from school. There was a time when ansh saw 4-4 shows in the theatre in just one day. All this without taking permission from his mother. In an interview, he said that when he topped the exam in the 6th standard his mom gave him 5 rupees & he watched the Raja Hindustani movie. 

His mother’s salary was 1700 Rupees & from that money, she managed his whole house expenses & Ansh’s 3 brothers & 1 sister. It was a tough job for them also but somehow they managed to survive that situation & they are living a good lifestyle. Ansh told about his childhood days when he only had 2 pairs of clothes, one for school & other for home & travel. Ansh’s first big-budget movie was falooda which was released in all movie theatres & multiplexes. 

Ansh’s situation was becoming tough day by day but he didn’t give up & his love for the movie also increased over time. In 2012-13 he created history by making films in Bundelkhand’s banda district that all without any big budget, filmy background or costly equipment. The film’s name was Bundela Boys but one of Ansh’s relatives cheated him & Ansh suffered from a loss of 40 Lakhs & the dream to work in films remains a dream for Ansh but he didn’t stop struggling to get new work in the industry.

Ansh is a good writer as well but didn’t think that he will become this much bigger writer in the future. In 2013 he asked one film writer to teach him script writing. He also asked the writer out of curiosity how he writes this much long script for a movie but the writer didn’t behave well with Ansh & told him that movie writing is not for kids like you. Ansh felt very bad at that time & frustrated as well because of the writer. After it one of the Directors also told him that if you have guts just try to make a 1-minute movie, you can’t. But Ansh was not like normal people who just forget. After it, Ansh made his 1st short film named Chhudra. It was written & directed by ansh. This short film was based on a contagious disease ( chhuachhut ki bimari ). 

This Film got an amazing response from the audience & the film also went to the Khajuraho international film festival and ansh got honoured for the good film direction. 

After it, Ansh never looked back in his life & career. He gave back-to-back good movies like Laptop, Siksha, Falooda, Corona, Hum Hai Samaj Sevak, and Chhudra were some of them. In the future, he is coming with more masterpiece movies like N.H 86, Sipahi, Durlabh Kashyap, Ectopic, Manilal Patidar and Umang. From the beginning, Ansh’s vision is to make the film industry in Bundelkhand & make it famous in foreign countries as well.

Ansh also worked with Bollywood top music director & singer Tanishq Baghchi On the music album Dil Karela, 

Paisa Tu Kamini Chiz, Jhatka Dil which was very popular among the audience those days.

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