Anurag Rai – Inspiring story of the mentor behind ‘Super human in You’

Anurag is an award-winning coach, best-selling author, master NLP practitioner, and founder of ‘Superhuman in You’. As a life and transformational coach he helps business leaders and entrepreneurs to find and live their purpose while maintaining work life balance. Anurag offers plethora of services at ‘Superhuman in You’ that includes Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Performance coaching, and Executive Coaching. Anurag also runs workshops and courses for individuals and corporations. His workshops revolve around emotional intelligence, leadership, mindfulness, and mental health.

A life coach helps you to identify your strengths and areas of concern and encourage you to boost your strength to address your concerns so that you can live a fuller and meaningful life that empowers you. Anurag’s extensive training teaches all individuals and corporations communicate effectively to get to the heart of your needs and desires in life and become a better version of yourself. Anurag has helped thousands of individuals maximize their potential by connecting to their true genius within, and overcome challenges in personal and professional life.

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Anurag’s work career started when he first moved to the UK from India with 100 pounds, 4 sets of clothes, and zero contacts. He spent his initial years struggling due to the challenging circumstances but took responsibility of his own life by creating a powerful vision and direction for his life. Soon he was running his own restaurant business. But just few years later due to the economic downturn and unforeseen situations the business suffered a huge loss and Anurag once again found him at the very rock bottom. He had lost everything he had and at one point was in a situation where he did not even have a place to stay.

Anurag recalls the conversation he had with him while lying on the floor of a dark storeroom. “Why did this happen to me?”. A question that constantly repeated in his head. And it was that night when things shifted within him. He realized life is not what happens to us, but what we do about what happens to us. Over the next few years, he qualified as an accountant, wrote, and published his bestselling book, and created 4 successful businesses. He spent four years before doing some deep inner work that helped him to achieve all this and made him realize that to grow larger shoots, we must have stronger roots. He now helps others to live an uncompromised life by creating an inside out reality. Anurag as a coach supports individuals and corporations plotting out their future overcoming personal challenges and helping them stay on track so that they strive to reach greater heights in different areas of life and business. He has been featured in major publications such as Fox News, Market Watch, and USA Today.

In the words of Anurag “When I had decided to change my careers in 2014 from being a restaurant business owner to an accountant, it wasn’t easy and that’s when I realized the multitude of damage I had done to my body and mind through years of hustle. I have spent the next 5 years researching and studying the human mind and it’s potential. This is what laid the foundation of ‘Superhuman In You’, an organization committed to helping individuals become their superhuman selves. In 2020, I had quit my mundane 9-5 life of corporate job with a Big 4 accounting firm, to start my own coaching business and help others come out on top”

The courses offered by Anurag contain a complete bundle that helps you take your personal growth to another level. The course materials are available in the format of video training, E-book, Articles, Cheatsheet and mindmap. The myriad of courses offered by Anurag includes personal transformation mastery course, mind reset course, 21 days meditation challenge, the calm mind, Time management for the entrepreneurs, Anti anxiety formula, personal transformation mastery 90 day one to one coaching.

Anurag has acquired a huge client base by putting an end to wide range of problems from ending bad habits to get more clarity in life’s direction from health and relations to improving productivity and performance. As a business coach his strategized coaching takes a business from where it is now to where the business owner wants it to be.

His book ‘The Power Within’ is a complete guide for busy minds in a frantic world. In the book, Anurag talks about presence, focus, happiness, forgiveness, and compassion among other topics. The book also focuses in teaching 21 different kinds of meditation.

Despite being a recognizable name now Anurag weren’t always living the high life and his inspiring story is the live example that through determination, grit, passion and true dedication one can overcome their circumstances and achieve extraordinary success. With years of experience Anurag brings his expertise and skills to the table and creates a road map and prioritizes goals and strategies that are needed to help progress the business closer to its goal.

Anurag concludes with his words of wisdom “Life is like a game, a game that is beyond our control. The sooner we understand this, the better we play. And while we cannot control the GAME, we can all become BETTER PLAYERS.”

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