‘Article 295’ First Look Out , Finally ! A much needed Concept based Movie Announced

Chandigarh (Shivam Madaan ) As we can see, a wave of new stories and subjects is driving Punjabi film forward incredibly . Similar to this, Surjit Movies presents Iqbal Singh Dhillon’s (Indian-Punjabi director) production of Article 295, whose story is written by Pakistan’s renowned Nasir Adeem (Pakistani-Punjabi writer), will come together in this magnificent action. Since both Charhda Punjab and Lehnda Punjab will contribute to the making of this film, it will be a big deal and an honour for the entire Punjabi community across all frontiers. The Punjabi audience enjoys family-friendly and romantic comedy films, yet films like Article 295 are essential for the stability of a modernizing Punjab.

The powerful crew behind this fantastic effort, which will shortly release a blockbuster film in theatres, is a clear indication of its genius. We are confident that initiatives like these are accepted with open arms and that Punjabis from all around appreciate them so that we can see such unity once more. Regarding the movie’s writers, Nasir Adeem is a well-known screenwriter well known for his Pakistani Punjabi-language productions. The upcoming Maula Jatt, starring Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan, is his most recent creation.

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Although many of us are tragically unaware of the Article 295 ‘s full impact, we are all aware that the late singer Sidhu Moosewala played a big part in raising awareness of it. Anyone who knowingly disrespects or harms a house of worship for any class is guilty of a Non-Bailable Offense, as stated in Article 295 of the honourable Indian Constitution. Additionally, the movie’s producer, Iqbal Singh Dhillon, has provided the Punjabi industry a number of profound films, like Shaheed Uddham Singh, Putt Jattan De, Jatt Jeona Morh, and many others, that continue to exude the warmth of the Punjabiyat. The producer has returned with a novel and important subject that will be crucial to the Punjabi industry. The release date of the movie is yet to be announced.