Arushi Vats reinvents herself in ‘My Better Half Forever’

Now a popular name in modern literature, Arushi Vats overcame several struggles to meet her dreams of being a bestselling author. Masters in Creative Writing in English from Brunel University London, she is a passionate self-published author. She has written 4 books published by Notion Press. 

Arushi’s debut book was Fragile Strings, published in the year 2017. The following year, Arushi published her novel titled When Broken Hearts Meet. In 2020, she returned with her third book which is a collection of short stories. Afterwards, in 2021, she went on publishing a romance novel titled My Better Half Forever. Interestingly, her fourth book received quite a good response from the readers.

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Book: My Better Half Forever

Author: Arushi Vats 

Publisher: Notion Press (April 2021)

No. of pages: 240 

Price: INR 245/-

Ever since she had a panic attack, Malvika has never been the same old, jolly girl, but distraught in life. Her life once revolved around her brother who later became a memory of the past. With a dysfunctional family and grieving the loss of her brother, Malvika decides to begin a new chapter in life by stepping into the gates of college, not knowing what fate awaits her. 

One glance at Rahul on the first day and she feels something mysterious. The smart and confident Rahul looks at her and it appears to him like they are soulmates, waiting to have their lives entangled in unconditional love.

It’s a tale of two individuals together, discovering something new in between themselves in a very unique manner.

Both Rahul and Malvika meet and bond with each other and become each other’s support system. Yet fate holds something different. 

The plot is well layered with the contemporary romance genre. The narration is kept easy and simple making it a comfortable read for all. The language used is lucid. The characters are well portrayed. There are several characters in the plot and each has been given sufficient scope to contribute to the plot. It is certainly a nice read.

The author has shown two effects of tragedy on a person. First, lose hope and second, try to be brave in tough situations. In Malvika’s case, there is a bit of gloominess in the story about the insecurity of love. Rahul, a vibrant soul with enthusiastic looks, wants to help everyone including Malvika.

Years after the sudden disappearance of Rahull, Malvika is still the dull head she was, but Rahul is in London in his flashy new office, earning pocketfuls. Yet his life was incomplete. You know what is coming next, don’t you? Will he be able to win his soulmate back?

A bingeable read that could have been far better with more layers and details on the characters and setting. This book has the right ingredients to make a feel good bollywood movie.

Arushi Vats was recently awarded the prestigious The Pride of India award by Cherry Book Awards and The Queen Award by The Eagle Eye Network for brilliance in the world of contemporary Literature. She is indeed an exemplary example of a modern Indian woman.

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