As demand for quality Indian healthcare service rises in Africa & Bangladesh, health-tech start-up GoMedii aims to structure the medical tourism sector

  • Nigeria, Congo, and Ethiopia have emerged as biggest African markets for India’s affordable health care services
  • Transplant surgeries, IVF treatment, knee replacements, and oncology treatment are in demand for African patients
  • Patients from Gulf countries are flocking to India for orthopaedics, cardiac, bariatric surgery, and cosmetic treatments
  • The full-stack platform brings a host of services right from discovery to post-operation treatments all under one roof in line with government’s “Heal in India” initiatives

New Delhi: Keeping in line with the government’s ‘Heal in India’ initiative, GoMedii, a fast-growing health-tech platform, aims to act as a digital enabler for quality and affordable health care for overseas patients, who come to India for medical tourism. 

Started by Abhishek Chandel and Rohit Singh in 2018, GoMedii is a full stack digital platform that aims to leverage technology to provide healthcare to overseas patients, who are now preferring India for quality medical treatment that is 50-80% less vis-à-vis other developed economies. 

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With the government pushing forward for a national strategy and roadmap for medical and wellness tourism, GoMedii has emerged as a leading Medical Value Travel Facilitator (MVTF) that provides overseas patients a host of services right from discovery of the treatment to post-operation services. Working closely with the government, GoMedii aims to organise the highly fragment medical tourism industry by bringing all services under one roof.

Rohit Singh, Co-founder, GoMedii, said that the brand has been playing an active role as an MVTF in Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the SAARC regions that are the primary markets for medical tourism in India, with Bangladesh and Africa contributing a lion’s share of traffic.

“Government initiative of ‘Heal in India’ will strengthen Medical Tourism and would help the healthcare industry take a big leap. The need of the hour is a robust public-private partnership with MVTFs playing the role of a key stakeholder and drive the business by generating leads in different source countries,” said Rohit.

Rohit pointed out that Africa remains a largely untapped market offering great potential.

“The major performing markets that we see with huge potential to boost the medical tourism sector in India are the African countries like Nigeria, Congo, Ethiopia and more, hence, making the African continent a prime performing market for GoMedii,” said Rohit.

Abhishek Chandel, Co-Founder, said that empowering patients and their families with the right information remains the key and now GoMedii boasts a network of 100 plus hospitals providing quality and affordable treatment.

“We come first in the patient treatment value chain right from the hospital discovery phase and be with the patient in entire treatment journey through an ecosystem of 100+ Hospitals, 500+Doctors, partners, interpreters and pre-post treatment care,” said Abhishek.

GoMedii aims to bank on India’s quality and affordable healthcare as well as budget friendly allied services that make treatment costs 50-80% less vis-a-vis other popular medical tourism destinations like Turkey and Malaysia.

“Besides the significant cost factors, the high number of reputed workforce of the best doctors in the country, state-of-art hospitals, lesser waiting time for appointment, affordable tertiary services, and other medical infrastructure, make India most preferred destination for international patients. We plan to expand our reach across our prime performing markets in the world by empowering the patients and their families with the right transparent knowledge through a well-established partner’s-network,” said Abhishek.

With an aim to give a structure to the fragmented medical tourism industry in India, Rohit said that GoMedii is focusing on three key things – provide technology-driven healthcare solutions; empower patients with reliable information; formalize and give a structure to the medical tourism sector. 

Patient data on GoMedii suggests that most of the African patients are coming to India for transplant surgeries, IVF treatment, knee replacements, and oncology treatment. Over the years, patients from Gulf countries have also preferred Indian health care with most of the traffic coming from UAE, Oman, Iraq, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Most of the patients from Gulf countries come to India for orthopaedics, cardiac, bariatric surgery, and cosmetic treatments.

Patients from Cambodia, Myanmar, Maldives, and Uzbekistan have started preferring India over Malaysia for cosmetic surgery, dental treatment, organ related treatments, and orthopaedic surgery.

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About GoMedii:

GoMedii is a healthcare technology platform focused at In-Patient care that helps through the entire treatment journey from hospital & doctor discovery, treatment planning to pre-treatment & in-treatment at hospitals until the post treatment care. GoMedii is a facilitation engine which comes 1st in the patient treatment value chain and collaborates with all stakeholders of the ecosystem. We help patients at each step of the journey in getting treatment at established & accredited hospitals. We Are Technology Powered Healthcare Platform & Facilitation Engine Easing Out Patient Treatment journey.