Ashok Tomer: The Inspiring Journey of an ordinary father becoming an extra-ordinary Super Kid Coach cum School Growth Coach and changing the lives of thousands of students through schools.

“A self-made man with a vision to help India transform”

We all love kids. And as a parent, we all want better lives for our kids but not everyone has the ability to understand kids the way Mr. Tomer does. Mr. Ashok Tomer has dedicated his entire life to helping kids become SUPER KIDS.

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But it wasn’t his passion. It wasn’t his goal. Even he had never thought of doing something of this sort in his wildest dream. Today, he is a successful ESL trainer and a school growth coach. He is helping 300+ schools becoming the premium schools where parents wish to get their kids admitted without spending a single extra penny on any advertisement or infrastructure.

However, success has always been the child of audacity – the willingness to fight all sorts of friction that pull you down. He has also seen a lot failures, setbacks, and rejections.

He was born in a middle-class family. He started his career as an ESL trainer then took a franchise of a renowned brand. Later he moved to Ghaziabad and with the same brand, he went into partnership with the existing franchise. He ran a franchise of a spoken English institute successfully tilI 2015. It was the most successful franchise in terms of the no of students it had.

But one evening he had to leave everything because of some partnership issues.

Well as they say the show must go on. So he started an institution in the city named Moradabad in Uttar-Pradesh. It also went super successful. He started selling franchises. The very first year, he sold 11 franchises and said no to 24 people who were ready to pay him.

He was invited by many schools, colleges, and organizations to speak and train their people. Later he started many other trainings. But one thing that was consistently happening to him which he was even not noticing was the requests made by school owners or school leaders for spoken English needs.

One evening in 2015, he was helping his daughter Kashish with her studies and he found she was mugging up the lesson and it was very difficult for her because she didn’t know the meaning. He helped her with the meaning, explained to her the complete chapter in Hindi. And there she was confident and learned person. She answered all questions easily.

He says “I understood one thing that day that the amount of pressure we put on our kids is of no use if we don’t give them the tools they need.”

And that made him think that there are billions of students like her who are struggling because of the inefficiency of English. And suddenly a lot of memories started in his head how he and other kids used to take tuition in class 10th or 12th that too only for Maths or science but now kids start taking tuition even in class like nursery or 1st. He says “We had a burden of a few subjects like maths or science but our kids are worried about all subjects as they don’t understand book’s language.”

He thought he needed to do something.

He started a company called Mima online services private limited which went successful in metro cities but failed badly in small cities or towns. After investing a lot of money, time, and efforts. He understood that schools in India needed a system where a teacher teaches in class, not some apps or portals. So he chose to pivot and came up with a super successful system for schools called English champs.

Initially, he made a system that any school can use to help their students become fluent English speakers and better personalities. But end result at those schools was more admissions and soon schools started approaching him.

He started “The Super school triangle” and “Double the admissions” programs.

Mr. tomer says “ When your “Why” and “What” is clear, your “How” and “When” will take care of themselves.”

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