Ashraf Gaddi is the leading content creator from Mirzapur – Know about his rise and success

Ashraf Gaddi – born 12/01/2000 – is a leading content creator and social media influencer from Mirzapur. He currently has 515k followers on Instagram @its_ashrafgaddi and is known for his niche in acting, entertainment, and content creation. He has worked with leading brands like YRF, Koovs, The Man Company, Rekkoz, Asian, Agaro Sonic Electric, and many more.

Specialised content creators are used in influencer marketing to raise brand awareness, boost traffic, and deliver messaging to a business’s target demographic. Businesses may target the audience they want to reach by extending their reach across numerous buyer personas thanks to this collaboration between brands and creators. Given that there are already over 2 million content creators working in India across a variety of industries, companies have a sizable creator economy at their disposal to tell their narrative. And it’s tough even for the creators to stand out from the crowd. One such influencer is Ashraf Gaddi from Mirzapur.

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Ashraf Gaddi creates an entertaining Reel for his audience –

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic,” said Seth Godin, and Ashraf took his words seriously. “That speech was the turning point in my career,” Gaddi says, “and creating relations, stories, and magic is exactly what I try to do for every brand and creator I collaborate with.”

In recent years, most brands in India are already connected in one way or the other with the creator economy via social media. This helps brands create awareness for new product launches, stay front-of-mind of their consumer, build loyalty and increase conversion touchpoints. Ashraf understands this quite well. He creates content exactly the way the brand wants to tell its story to the audience.

Ashraf Gaddi promoting Agaro Sonic Electric Brush –

Ashraf Gaddi not only promotes leading brands on his own accounts, he also helps other creators get good brand collaborations. He is a very well known face amongst the young content creators community for his humble attitude and willingness to help. Influencers from various niches have achieved success due to his continuous efforts and all of them thank him for it.

Ashraf is a viral Instagram creator, but he also has an active YouTube channel. His recent video can be seen here:

Ashraf says, “Influencer marketing with nano, micro, and mid-tier influencers is not only a cost-effective vehicle for reach and engagement, but also an effective instrument for building a vast content library that can be used in the long run. Being active on Instagram and other apps, I have learned that through my experience. Though young, I am already a sort of expert in this field. I wish to start my agency in the coming time to help both brands and creators prosper.”

Ashraf Gaddi promotes Asian Shoes thorough a highly interactive giveaway –

Ashraf Gaddi is a role model for budding talents. Coming from Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, where content creators were not given much push from the society till a few years ago, it really means a lot to grow so high in his field.

Ashraf Gaddi promoting Mostbet – With age on his side, Ashraf Gaddi is surely the future star of Indian Influencer Marketing Industry and we expect many more big brand collaborations for him in the coming time.