Astrologer Rajveer Patel Talks About Remedies Of Shani Dosh?

In Vedic Astrology, Shanidosh can have a very harmful effect on your life. Expert Vedic Astrologer Rajveer Patel of Rudraksha Gems suggests some ways to remedy the Dosh in your horoscope.

He says, “If any person has a bad Shani in their Kundli or has problems related to Saturn, then such a person should not take remedies for Shani but should take remedies for Shukra and Budh.”

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While this advice may seem unconventional to most he says it is the most effective way to achieve your goals. He says, “Shani is the judge and is also the last planet of the universe. Besides, Shani is an impotent planet, and an impotent person always needs someone’s company. Just look at the eunuchs, they will never remain alone. By taking remedies for Shani’s Mitra Rashis, Shani gives good results.”

Therefore to remedy the Shani Dosh in your Kundli, he recommends these methods for effective solutions-

For Shukra

  1. Put on garments that are a bright white colour. Additionally, apparel in any and all shades of pink is a good choice.
  2. Always show your partner or spouse respect.
  3. Give sweets to young girls or widows. It is a potent treatment and medicine.
  4. It is important to keep a decent character in order to obtain beneficial results from Shukra.
  5. By paying homage to the goddess Lakshmi, you can obtain the graces of Shukra. Reciting the Sri Sookhtam song will help you overcome challenges and obtain benefits, allowing you to advance in life.
  6. The planets can also be appeased by the practice of fasting. On Fridays, you should abstain from food in order to ask Shukra for her blessings.
  7. It is recommended by Vedic astrology that one of the most effective treatments for removing the negative effects of a planet is to make a contribution. Donating on Fridays will bring favourable outcomes from the planet Shukra. Kheer, also known as rice pudding, curd, silver, rice and perfume are all acceptable donations.
  8. In Vedic astrology, the recitation of mantras is considered to be an additional significant treatment for certain planets. By repeating the Shukra Beej (Seed) Mantra, which is “Aum Draam Dreem Droum Sah Shukraya Namah” 108 times per day, you can enhance the positive benefits that Shukra has on your life.
  9. If you want to get favourable outcomes for Shukra, you should wear Shukra yantras.
  10. Utilise perfumes and decorations made of silver.
  11. When you want to achieve great outcomes from Shukra, you should wear jewels like diamonds, opal, white topaz, and other things.
  12. Yoga and other forms of physical therapy, including breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, could be beneficial for those who have a weak Shukra. A number of yoga pranayama techniques, such as anulom vilom, sheetkari, sheetali, and kapalbhati, are quite beneficial. The mind will be under control, and it will assist in resisting the cravings that are harmful.

For Budh

  1. Incorporate the colour green in all of its shades into your outfit.
  2. Be sure to wash your newly purchased garments before you put them on for the first time after you have purchased them.
  3. Be courteous to your sisters and aunts, and show your daughter and other young girls the same kind of nurturing that you would give to yourself.
  4. Lord Vishnu, the primary god of Budh, should be honoured with reverence.
  5. By giving birds and other feathered creatures green gramme that has been soaked in water, you can strengthen Budh, which is weak in the horoscope.
  6. Donations should be made with total commitment, particularly on Wednesday in particular. According to astrology, giving to charity is a fruitful approach to carry out charitable acts.
  7. In order to bring about a favourable outcome for you, recite mantras. Budh can be appeased in a short amount of time by reciting the Budh Mantra. In order to attract Budh, you can repeat mantras such as the Beej Mantra, also known as the Seed Mantra, which is “Aum Braam Breem Broum Sah Budhaya Namah.” Additionally, the mantra “Aum Bum Budhaya Namah” or “Aum Ayeem Shreem Shreem Budhaye Namah” is another one of the popular mantras.
  8. Put on or make use of the Budh yantra to bring about favourable outcomes from Budh.
  9. As a beneficial cure for the planet Budh, the emerald gemstone should be worn.
  10. Individuals who are natives and are under the negative influence of Budh should always show respect to their sisters or sisters-in-law.

These remedies are very useful for the remedy of Budh and Shukra and therefore for Shani. While these are very effective, they might differ from person to person. Therefore Rudraksha Gems’ Rajveer Patel suggests that you should consult a Vedic Astrologer for a consultation where a thorough reading of your Kundli can be done and remedies can be sought that will be personalised and most effective for you.