Monday, June 27, 2022
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At the age of 22, Mr. Avijit Ghosh, the musician Became an International Identity Overnight by creating a new world record as a Sales mentor.


Avijit Ghosh, Known as the World’s first Charitrapreneur mentor, who is also a Musician, a Bestselling author of 3 Nonfiction books, a keynote speaker who delivered more than 300 speeches across India on Character development, Who practically works on the ground for 5 years in the sales and marketing field and trained more than 7000 people about sales and marketing, who is a Certified Graduate with first-class English Honours, having Diploma in Mechanical Engineer, who is an Actor, Painter and an ex hotelier, has secured his position in International book of records by uploading maximum sales and marketing training videos in a single day on YouTube and now officially he is a World record holder as a sales mentor.

Avijit Ghosh, who is a musician by hobby, has created a benchmark in the instrumental music industry and was also working as an ordinary salesman at the ground level. He learned a lot about sales and marketing from his practical experience and from some great mentors of all time and decide to share his wisdom with the world now. So he summed up his wisdom, made 108 videos and uploaded 101 pieces of sales and marketing training videos in a single day. International book of record has watched it and Recognised Avijit’s positive Intention to serve people and the hard work done by him to make it a reality. And then Avijit Ghosh respectfully, Thanked the International book of records with extreme politeness for recognizing his talent.

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