Author Stuti Saxena Singh – the spiritual soul who works for the betterment of humanity

Author Stuti Saxena Singh is an Internationally Published Author, UNICEF Member, IAWA Member, Member of Bharat Girl UP NGO, associated with UN, Associated with SSIF, NGO, registered under Niti Aayog working for betterment of humanity. Her name is credited with prized World Records for  outstanding literary work. She is an Indian Book Of World Record Holder( 2), OMG Book Of World Record Holder (3), Bravo International Book Of World Record Holder,Vajra Book Of Record Holder, Kalam Book of World Record Holder.

As a Compiler she has added 3 books to her shelf, she has devoted her writing in nearly 100+Anthologies including International ones in a timeframe of less than 6 months.

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Author Stuti Saxena Singh - the spiritual soul who works for the betterment of humanity

Today her inked words have platformed with appreciation and acknowledgement.

Searched as Stuti Saxena Singh on web platform. Amazon,Kindle, Flipkart, Google books marks her new web address.

Connect on Instagram @Stutishivendra @Stutisaxena8544

Author Stuti Saxena Singh is associated with following organizations

Recently started working as UNICEF Member for poverty stricken population and is associated with WFP by the UN.

Associated with Bharat Girl UP NGO, associated with UN and IAWA Member

Associated with SSIF, NGO registered under Niti Aayog working for betterment of humanity.

Magazine Features of  Author Stuti Saxena Singh

Author Stuti Saxena Singh has been featured in the following magazines:

  • Cover Page Feature of Hello India Magazine, 1st Edition, by SPC Media.
  • Literary Journey featured in 1st Issue, Alcanzar International Magazine.
  • Author Interview by Editorial Board of Tridesta Magazine, Flairs and Glairs Publication.
  • Literary Work featured in Wall of Fame and Author Interview by Merged Array Magazine.
  • Author Interview by Editorial Team of Elysian Magazine, The Unheard Stories.
  • Literary Journey got featured in Second Edition of International Art and Literature Magazine- PHOSPHENES.
  • Her literary journey to be Featured by  editorial board of NewYork Express, Washington Times Now in March 2023.
  • Featured as Top 15 Finest Personalities of the Globe, by Elysian Pens.
  • Featured in Femmetimes Magazine as India’s Inspiration Women of the Year, 2023.

Internationally Published Author

And World Record Holder

The poems written by Author Stuti Saxena Singh got platformed on various International podiums, including Too Well Away Literary Journal, USA, Issue 1,2 & 3, Wild Sound Feedback Films & Writing Festival, Toronto, Canada.

Her Poems, Articles and Stories have been published in various National and International Journals and Magazines.

Stuti Saxena Singh is a Published Co-Author in nearly 100+Anthologies (including International, National,World Record, MSME projects).

She has added various golden feathers in her cap during her short literary journey.

Author Stuti Saxena Singh has been credited with prestigious World Records on her name including IBR(2), OMG(3), Bravo International Book of World Records, Vajra Book Of Records, Kalam Book of World Records.

“माँ- एक काव्य संग्रेह” by Author Stuti Saxena Singh

She is the Author of – “माँ- एक काव्य संग्रेह” (Among Top 7 Amazing books by Indian Authors by Fox Interviewer, India Ethics, DailyHunt)

Year 2023 started with nomination of her first solo book “माँ- एक काव्य संग्रह Book of World Records London for year 2023.

Author Stuti Saxena Singh’s Book  “माँ- एक काव्य संग्रह , to receive token of appreciation in literature field by Governor of West Bengal, accompanied by Cabinet Ministry of Rajasthan in 2023.

Nominated for Women The Inspirer Award, 2023.

Nominated for Longest Poem on Mother/माँ, Language- English, From her 2nd Authored Book – Anjana- Unfathomable Ocean of Love, by Inzoid Book of World Records, 2023

Will be receiving  National Women’s Excellence Award, 2023, & Rashtriya Mahila Shakti Puruskaar, 2023 for her appreciable work in literature field and as a social activist on the occasion of  International Women’s Day 2023.

Nominated for Kalpna Chawla Memorial Award, 2023, by Vishv Hindi Rachnakaar Manch.

Awarded with Pride of India Award, 2023,by Social Foundation,NGO, Registered under Niti Aayog.

Awarded with Nation’s Pride Award 2023,by Forever Star Book of World Records

Awarded with Global Professional Awards 2023 as Aspiring Author of the Year , by Indian Professional Awards, an event organised by GOREA.

One of her Co Authored Book “प्राचीन भरतीय इति हास की विसंगतिया “- By D.K Saxena and Stuti Saxena Singh, Selected by Directorate of Legal Affairs,Central Board of Excise and Customs, New Delhi, Govt Of India. 🇮🇳

Here is a glimpse of Author Stuti Saxena Singh’s short literary journey from previous years- 2022-2020

Previous Year, 2022,marks the applause for her hard work, paved in form of Appreciations, Rewards, Felicitation, and Appraisals.

Honoured with Ambassador Of Patriotism by IBR, on 26th Jan, 2022.

Awarded with Saraswati DadaSaheb Phalke, International Iconic Women Award, 2022,for outstanding contribution in field of Literature, as Author.

Awarded as Inspirational Women 2022 for creating Awareness on Cancer Worldwide.

World Record Holder ,2022,on participating in World’s Historic  Longest event celebrating Women hood on International Women’s Day by IAWA.

Received International Women’s Laureate Award, 2022.

Received National Record Holder Pride Award, 2022,by Navbharat Rashtriya Gyanpeeth.

Received National Women Pride Award,2022, by Navbhrat Rashtriya Gyanpeeth

Received The Real Super Woman Award, 2022,( Author, UNICEF & IAWA Member) by FSIA, Season 3.

Year 2021,her literature journey is awarded with various Awards,


#Kalpna Chawla Memorial Award,

#Her Ka Hunar Award,

#National Level Pratibha Samman #Golden Peacock Award,for excellent & appreciable work in field of  Literature,

#Lambda Literary Award( Category- Author)by Forever Star World Records.

#Best Writer Attainer Award, 2021 for ,”माँ”- एक काव्य संग्रह” by JEC Publications.

#Best Poetry Book,”माँ”- एक काव्य संग्रह”, 2021,by Felecia Words Publication House.

#Uttrakhand Mahila Ratn Samman, 2021by Vishv Hindi Rachnakaar Manch.

#Recognized as Literary Icon by NE8X for Literary Excellence in Writing and Published Book Outreach.

#Received Scroll Of Honour 2021,by NE8X on eve of National Authors Day.

#Speaker Honour, 2021,for esteem contribution across speaker sessions and inspiring the Next Generation Writers .

#Rabindra Nath Tagore international Prize of Art and Literature 2021,for significant contribution and excellence in literature.

Year 2020, Author Stuti Saxena Singh was awarded with

#WORDSMITH AWARD by Asian Literary Society,

#Editorial Choice Award at Nazmehayat.

#Rising Star (Writer) by Face Of India, Tarangini, Mumbai.

#RealSuperWoman, 2020(Writer, Author) by FSIA.

#Nari Gaurav Samman 2020.

Rising Author of the year, 2020,by Indian Professional Awards, event organised by GOREA.

Born and Brought up in Brass City Moradabad, U.P. Married in City of Faith, Land of ShreeRam, Ayodhya, U.P., Author Stuti Saxena Singh depicts both artistry and spirituality in her personality.

Daughter of L/O Mrs Anjana Saxena and Mr D.K Saxena , Stuti Saxena Singh brings here traits of Kayastha fraternity by birth and influential chirography in heredity.

Author Stuti Saxena is married to Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh, credits her personality with traits Kshatriya fraternity, she portraying her thoughts more courageously & valiantly.

Stuti Saxena Singh – Internationally Published Author, Writer by Profession, Mother by Heart and Spiritual by Soul. She is the phenomenal lethal consolidation of commitment, concern and consecration.