Avail job-based courses from nEmi by Amskills Ecademy with Placement Assurance

With the goal of transforming the present education system, Akshay Bajpayee created nEmi in 2021 as a one-stop platform with the objective of assisting graduates in developing skills through a variety of job-oriented courses with guaranteed placement. Job-based courses, of course, aid in the development of skills and provide insight into the specific needs for technology in the workplace, as well as helping you stay focused and achieve your goals. nEmi was established as a pioneer with several job-oriented courses in various sectors with the goal of enhancing abilities and filling learning gaps so that you can achieve your chosen career.

Pursuing job-oriented courses has grown more crucial than ever before, since gaining new skills and staying current with the latest corporate climate has never been more important. Employers nowadays seek individuals with up-to-date knowledge of current events and technological abilities, and nEmi has come to the rescue by providing a variety of curriculum and study materials that any graduate may use to further their education and improve their presentation skills. With the passage of time, nEmi’s high-quality job-oriented courses have opened doors to new educational and career opportunities. Job-based courses are the greatest alternative for students who want to improve their practical skills and knowledge.

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nEmi offers one on one counselling sessions for placements free of cost, Video-based easy learning with access to over 500 upcoming E-Books, and over 1100 hours of upcoming video-based learning. The myriad of courses offered by nEmi includes Project Management, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Financial Market, E-MBA in Business, Coding and IT Development, Gym Instructions and Diet, Mobile App Development, Book Keeping, and Accounting, Excel, Artificial Intelligence, Photography, Office Management, Stress Management, Communication, and Versant, Certification in Information Security Management, Information Technology Infrastructure Library.

An MBA and an alumnus of Amity University the founder has been working as an educational leader since 2015. He is the CEO of a government-aided Postgraduate Sanskrit college working to bridge the gap between Vedic and modern education. Belonging to a family of educators the founder    Akshay Bajpayee shares the inspiration behind the formation of nEmi “In 2013, I noticed that Sanskrit was being neglected and that Vedic teaching was being considered outdated. I promised myself that I would change this and began working to bridge the gap in 2015. In 2015, I was appointed as the CEO of the college by the management committee. I worked to bring modern education into the college and align it with Vedic teaching. I brought modern courses such as BTC BSc agriculture. The procedure of obtaining affiliations was difficult due to the complexity of the process and the numerous red-tapisms involved. In 2018, I noticed that there are many colleges, but they lack training, growth, and placement for their students. This sparked my interest, and in 2021, I launched nEmi, which has assisted many students in increasing their employability and getting them placed.”

Akshay Bajpayee has been working as an education leader, he takes satisfaction in belonging to a family of educators whose forebears have consistently gained laurels in the field of education, particularly in educationally backward areas such as Bundelkhand. Even as a true visionary entrepreneur, he was still driven by a desire to make a significant difference in the world. He could see things that others couldn’t, and because to a mix of his creativity, enthusiasm, and entrepreneurial skills, his vision was always far greater than his business, including social transformation as well as a reflection of a profound reason for performing his work. Within a year since its inception nEmi got recognized by the Ministry of Commerce and MSME Government of India in 2021.

Technical assistance and a dedicated team for any questions and concerns make up the nEmi team. Any student can register for free, and their registration is valid for life. Through nEmi’s online learning, students can pursue certificate courses, E-Degrees, and E-diplomas from the comfort of their own homes. You can enroll for the next courses for free right now.

Online education is truly changing the world, and nEmi’s job-oriented courses allow you to establish an identity once you’ve completed them. Choose the one that most suits your needs and make your career valuable with nEmi. Following your graduation, you can take a variety of job-related courses online to help you develop a specialization in the sector of your choice.  Enroll now!

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