Bahujan files should be extracted so that Bahujan does not fall into the trap of fanatics – says Dr. Ashok Jiwatode.

The brutal killing of Kashmir Pandits by Muslim fundamentalists is reprehensible. A film titled The Kashmir Files has been released on the same subject. Through this film, a political party is trying to create a religious rift in society. A film called Bahujan Files is needed now to tell the history of atrocities against Bahujan. Therefore, the truth will come out and many young people will not fall prey to the delusions of fanatics, said the coordinator of the National Federation of OBCs. Dr. Ashok Jiwatode said.

Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar celebrated the Holi of anti-Bahujan religious texts like Manusmriti at the beginning of the twentieth century. Many Bahujan Mahapurushas spent their lives to awaken the Bahujan Samaj. The Bahujan Samaj is not aware of the hardships they have endured. The younger generation has forgotten this. Therefore, they are found in the web of political parties and organizations that create rifts between religions. Now, on the pretext of Kashmir files, a conspiracy is being systematically hatched to spread hatred in the minds of Bahujan youth again.

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“We are not opposed to the film. No one will even support the killing of Kashmiri Pandits. But with this, organizations that spread disorder in society have become active. The film is being shown to the children of the village. This whole thing is kind of suspicious. If religious riots break out in the future, the Bahujan Samaj will suffer the most. Therefore, we should be careful” said Dr. Jiwatode. While the decision was being made in the interest of the OBCs, a dispute arose between Mandal and Mandal. Rathyatras were held to prevent reservation. Millions of young people fell victim to the vicious atmosphere of that time. A generation was devastated.

“Bahujan Samaj is ahead in any movement. Many lives are lost in police firing. Crimes are registered against a large number of youths in the movement. The Supreme Court asked for the imperial data of OBCs. The central government is refusing to give it, saying it is flawed. The Bahujan Samaj should focus on its rights like inflation, unemployment, education, health, reservation. Otherwise, a certain community in the society is ready to use you. Beware of them. Even parents need to make sure that their children do not associate with any vicious organization” Dr. Ashok Jiwatode said.

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