Banga Gourav Sanman 2022, A Magnificent National Award Ceremony At Kolkata,West Bengal.

This prestigious National Award Function Will Be Organized By World Book of Star Records and Vaikalpik Chikitsa Paddhati Vikas Sanstha,India At Hotel Hindustan International, Kolkata.

The director and the co ordinator of this prestigious award function is the youth activities icon Dr Rajib Pal.

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The event aims to celebrate the culture of Bengal and honour extraordinary talents. We take immense pleasure to give you the platform to showcase your work and unfold glory.

The program is to address the individual/ institution/ organisation who has added value to society and given their contribution to the upliftment of the country.

To add zest to the program a thrilling performance will be given by Master Hiran Chatterjee. And to bring melody to our ear ‘Bengali Jibonmukhi Gaan’ will be presented by Santasree Bhattacharya mam who has bags of character in her tone alongwith the vocally blessed team “Antomil” (Team will be leading musically by the well known music writer,composer and fabulous singer Shri Sandeep Bandopadhyay).

In this Banga Gaurav Samman 2022, a conference will be organised on, ‘Contribution of Bengal culture to Indian independence. On this remarkable ceremony Dr. Shrikumar k, Dr. Supurna Mukharjee, Mr Prasant Das, Sonali Chakraborty, Arka prtim, Chef Lawrence Gomes, Mr. Debraj, Mr. Prany Chakraborty, Dr. Debtanu Barman, Mr. Amal Nayek, Prof. Dr. Sormita Basu, Mr. Biswarup Neogi, Mr. Milan, Dr. Bibhuti Adhikari, Mr. Deb Chatterjee, Mr. Sabyasachi Sarkar, Mr. Tapan Guhu Roy, Mr. Sandeep Kataria are the awardees are going to share their thoughts on the legendaries of Bengal history, traditional culture.

At the event, there will be a get-together. People from different backgrounds are going to participate who have achieved brilliance in their field.

It is the place to serve our country’s dream in best way and bring out the real and special talent infront of our nation.

With this message, 120 talented individuals in 32 different disciplines will be honoured with the Banga Gourav Samman- 2022.

Our guests for the award ceremony are Shri Dilip Maharaj( Chief Guest) Bharat Sevashram sangha,

Acharaya Dr Raja shashtri.(Chief Guest,Yagya Samrat Honoured By Government Of India )

 Padma Shri Niranjan Goswami( Guest of Honour) Indian Mime Artist.

Shri Prabir Roy. (Film Director,Producer, Actor Kolkata, West Bengal ).

Shri Chandrakumar Bose.

Grand Nephew Of Legendary Leader Of India Shri Subhash Chandra Bose.Socio Political Activities And Commentator.  Shri Hiran Chatterjee(Guest) Tollywood Actor and MLA, Kharagpur,West Bengal.

Brahmakumari respected Kannan Bahen.(Centre In Charge Of Brahmakumari’s Head, Eastern Zone Head Quarter Kolkata ).

Dagarmani Tudu (Celebrity Guest, Bengali Actress).

Santasree Bhattacharya. ( Celebrity Singer) Brand Ambassador of World Book of Star Records,

Founder / Director of World Book of Star Records, Dr. Rajib Pal Founder/ Director of WBSR publishing and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and Youth Social activist icon,

Dr. Dipanwita Jana(Program Host) , Dr Anupam Nayak( co ordinator of world book of star records west Bengal), Dr Chandramohan Shrivastava (President, Lions Club Of Indore Mahanagar Trust), Dr K Rajan Kawle (General Secratary VCPVSI).

At the end of the program, thanks will be expressed by the brand ambassador of the World Book of Star Records, Santashree Bhattacharya.

The following individuals/institutions are chosen as awardees for the Bang Gourav Program 2022- Dr.K.Sreekumar, Kozhikode, Kerala,  Writer;  Miss.Himika  Bajar,  Birbhum  West  Bengal,  Arts;  Dr.Manoj  Ghosh,  Duttapukur  North  Parganas  W.B,  Social  Work;  Mr.Prasenjit  Das,  Medinipur  Egra  West  Bengal,  Human  Rights;  Dr.Surajit  Samanta,  Kolkata,West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Dr.Omkar  Prasad  Baldya,  Kolkata,West  Bengal,  Medical;  Dr.Shripathi  Acharya  G,  Udupi,Karnataka,  Education;  Dr.Santanu  Banerjee,  Kolkata,West  Bengal,  Environmentalist;  Prof.Santi  Nath  Chattopadhyay,  Kolkata,West  Bengal,  Education;  Sri  Partha  Pratim  Roy,  Kolkata,West  Bengal,  Arts;  Dr.Suresh  K.Guptan,  Palajjad,Kerala,  Medical;  Dr.Haripada  Mahapatra  Jhargram,West  Bengal,  Education;  Pampa  Mahato  Raghunathpur,Kolkata,  jhumur,  singer;  Dr.Mohammed  Osama,  jagatsinghpur,Odisha,  Education;  Dr.Latesh  Parmar,  Panchmahal,Gujarat,  Arts;  Mr.Amit  Bera,  Midnapore,West  Bengal,  Agro  ecological  Farming;  Mr.Radhikesh  Mandal,  Murshidabad,West  Bengal,  New  Startup;  Mr.Anirban  Samanta,  Howrah,West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Dr.Dimple  Choudhury,  Kolkata,West  Bengal,  Social  Entrepreneur;  Mr.Lawrence  Gomes,  Pune,Maharashtra,  Master  Chef;  Dr.Iti  Samanta,  Bhubaneswar,Odisha,  Writer;  Prof.Dr.Siddhartha  Ranjan  Basak,  Barddhaman  West, Bengal,  Entrepreneur;  Nisar  Ahmad,  Jhalod, Gujarat,  Social  Work;  Anindita  Ganguli,  Kolkata, West  Bengal,  Singing;  Mr  Sourav  Battacharjee  Kolkata, West  Bengal,  Arts;  Dr.Sirsendu  Chakraborty,  Bangalore, Karnataka,  Entrepreneur; Dr Satyanarayan  Prasad  Goswami,  Birbhum  West  Bengal,  Health;  Dr.Suparna  Mukherjee,  Howrah, West  Bengal,  Education;  Dr.Dipankar  Roy,  24  Parganas, West  Bengal,  Humanitarian  Activist;  Miss.Krishna  Bung,  Aurangabad, Maharastra,  Brave  Girl; Dr ROOP  KUMAR  Banerji,  Gorakhpur, Uttar  Pradesh,  Health;  Mr.Dhruba joti  Sen,  Kolkata, West  Bengal,  Artist;  mr.Satyajit  Debnath,  Majlishpur, West  Bengal,  Dance;  Keya  Chanda,  Hooghly, West  Bengal,  Dance;  Mr.Samiran  Mullick,  Kolkata,West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Mr.Mithu  Roy,  Siliguri, West  Bengal,  Artist;  Dr.Samir  Shil,  Nadia, West  Bengal,  Writer;  Mr.Hiran  Chakraborty,  24  Parganas, West  Bengal,  Dance;  Mr.Manoharan  K,  Tiruchirappalli, Tamil  nadu,  Journalist;  Mr  Sabya  Sachi  Sarkar,  Kolkata,West  Bengal,  Singing;  Mx.Ranjita  Sinha,  Kolkata, West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Dr.Vijay  Kumar  Yadav,  Shahdol, Madhya  Pradesh,  Business;  Dr.Bishu  Das,  Darjeeling, West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Mr.Arka  Pratim  Chowdhury,  Kolkata, West  Bengal,  Human  Rights;  Miss.Anisha  Chowdhury,  Kolkata, West  Bengal,  Sports;  Mr.Amal  Nayek,  24  Parganas, West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Mr.Sourav  Sinha,  Howrah, West  Bengal,  Writer;  mr.Rishav  Kumar  Ghosh  Howrah, West  Bengal,  Education;  Mr.Tarak  Nath  De,  Bankura, West  Bengal,  Artist;  Sheo  Shankar  Sharma,  Howrah, West  Bengal,  Sports;  Mr.Bibuti  Bhusan  Biswas,  Ranaghat, West  Bengal,  Author;  Dr.Shubhankar  Ghosh,  Birbhum  West  Bengal,  Education;  Mr.Debraj  Bera,  24  Parganas, West  Bengal,  Artist;  Mr.Rakesh  Das,  Midnapore, West  Bengal,  Art’s(Painting);  Dr.Sonali  Chakraborty,  Durg, Chhattisgarh,  Social  Work;  Mr.  Ankur  Das,  Jalpaiguri, West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Dr.Loknath  Nath,  Hooghly, West  Bengal,  Yoga;  Dr.Thalapathi  SK.Aatimoolam,  Mumbai,Maharashtra,  Social  Work;  Mr.Debansu  Chatterjee,  Kolkata,West  Bengal,  Education;  Mr.Manab  Mukherjee,  Nadia,West  Bengal,  Education;  Mr.Shankar  Jalan,  Kolkata,West  Bengal,  Journalism;  Dr.Ajay  Mondal,  24  Parganas,West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Mr.Prasanta  Sarkar,  Jalpaiguri,West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Mr.Mintu  Chandra  Das,  Alipurduar,West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Mrs.Alpaben  Patel,  Anand,Gujarat,  Social  Work;  Mr.Prasenjit  Sinha,  Puruliya,West  Bengal,  Art’s;  Mr.Tapan  Guha  Roy,  Jalpaiguri,West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Mr.Atanu  Maji,  Bankura,West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Mr.Suvo  Chakraborty,  24  Parganas,West  Bengal,  Education;  Dr.Bibhuti  Adhikary,  Noida,Uttar  Pradesh,  Art’s;  Mr.Rabindra  Nath  Sing,  Medinipur  West  Bengal  ,  Social  Work;  Mr.Sujan  Mallick,  Dakshin  Dinajpur,West  Bengal  Arts;  Dr.Ramesh  Shah,  Darjeeling,West  Bengal,  Artist;  Mrs.Rajasree  Moitra,  Siliguri,West  Bengal,  Writer;  Mr.Amit  Singh,  Gandhinagar,Gujarat,  Artist;  Dr.Partha  Pratim,Jalpaiguri,West  Bengal  ,  Social  Work;  Prof.Mrs.Shalini  Mitra,  Kolkata,West  Bengal,  Education;  Dr.Sandhya  Patnaik,  Bhubaneswar,Odisha,  Singing;  Mr.Sanjay  Hazra,  Medinipur,West  Bengal,  Education;  Damodar  We  Care  Group  of  Foundation  Asansol,West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Mr  Rakesh  Shil  Sharma,  Jalpaiguri,West  Bengal,  Sports;  Mr.Parimal  Roy  Chowdhury,  Siliguri,West  Bengal,  Sports;  Mr.Ajay  Sahay,  Pashchim  Champaran,Bihar,  Social  Work;  Mr.B.Sekhars,  Kolkata,West  Bengal,  Painting;  DrProf.  Sarmistha  Basu,  Kolkata, West  Bengal,  Education;  Dr.Anjan  Shastri(Kundu)  Hooghly, West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Salyali  Das,  Howrah, West  Bengal,  Author;  Mr.Ramnath  Chakraborty,  Bankura, West  Bengal,  Astrology;  Mr.Samrat  Pandit,  Midnapore,West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Mr.Bablu  Mandal,  Malda,West  Bengal,  Folk  Artist;  Technofy  Connect  Pvt.Ltd,  Kolkata,  West  Bengal,  Business;  Mr.  Ritish  Ranjan  Chakraborty,  Kolkata,West  Bengal,  journalism;  Mr.  Pronay  Chatterjee,  Kolkata,West  Bengal,  Education;  Mr.  Debanjan  Bhowmik,  Kolkata,West  Bengal,  Education;  Miss.  Pampi  Sutradhar,  Jalpaiguri, West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Mr.Avijit  Roy,  Kolkata, West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Dr.Biswarup  Neogi,  Hooghly, West  Bengal,  Social  Innovator;  Dr.Sandeep  Kataria,  Gurgaon, Haryana,  Social  Activist;  Dr.Jahanara  Begum,  Murshidabad, West  Bengal,  Writer;  Prof.Dr.Pranam  Dhar,  24  Parganas, West  Bengal,  Education;  Mr.Debtanu  Barman,  Kolkata, West  Bengal,  New  Startup;  Mr.Arun  Bhartia,  Paschim  Bardhaman, west  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Mr.Subrata  Nandy,  24  Parganas, West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Mr.Rupam  Mukherjee,  Asansol, West  Bengal,  Education;  Mrs.Tania  Kahar  Chakraborty,  Kolkata, West  Bengal,  Entrepreneur;  Mr.Malay  Ghosh,  Hooghly, West  Bengal  Artist;  Mousumi  Kar  Banerjee,  24  Parganas, West  Bengal,  Astrology;  Mr.Milan  Maji,  Medinipur, West  Bengal,  Education;  Dr.Chandan  Mandal,  Medinipur, West  Bengal,  Education;  Mr.Anupam  Biswas,  Medinipur, West  Bengal,  Education;  Mr.Lakshmi  Kanta  Roy,  Jalpaiguri, West  Bengal,  Social  Work;  Mr.Biplab  Biswas,  Nadia, West  Bengal,  Law  and  Justice;  Mr.  Sanjay  Dey,  Bardhaman, West  Bengal,  Acting; Mr Gopal  Krishna  Sarkar,  24  Paraganas, West  Bengal,  Social  Work;