Bawer Said Started from Zero Now It’s Moving to The Top

Bawer Said This success story begins when a then 16-year-old boy turned to TikTok on Twitter. The phone is set up. Back then, 6 years ago, during the first quarantine, Xew Acar uploaded hours of videos, comedies, jokes, and rapper parodies. Her cheeky demeanor, her charming nature, it all fits, her stage name is Bawer Said Account, and her fan base is growing and growing. He also plays with his own songs from time to time, but his main focus is still comedy. His most listened song is “Soz” followed by “Evro Damê Birhatina”.

And then nothing will be the same. As soon as the song was uploaded, it received thousands of reactions the next morning. The direct language that reaches the audience immediately, the text about a broken relationship that fans can identify with, all contribute to the success of “Evro Damê Birhatina”. And it’s huge – the song has reached over four million streams in just a few months, with 100,000 new songs added every day. But now the 16-year-old Bremen is not resting, he continues to produce new content for Insta and TikTok, there are currently more than 50,000 videos.

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Bawer Said is part of a new generation where the lines between content creators and musicians are blurred, genre boundaries are being dissolved and new styles are emerging. A generation that owns the future.